Super REST API Adapter: Reliable Integrations For Endless Extensibility

ActiveBatch’s Super REST API Adapter — Rapidly create APIs for reliable end-to-end processes, without custom scripting so your team can achieve more, faster.

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ActiveBatch's Super REST API Adapter enables developers of any skill level to create reliable API connections for end-to-end processes.

ActiveBatch’s Super REST API Adapter

Digital transformation is accelerating for 70% of organizations, with the average enterprise relying on dozens of major platforms and thousands of applications to make this possible.

APIs enable IT teams to reliably and efficiently integrate a wide array of tools and technologies, supporting internal services, B2B transactions, and customer experience programs. API adapters can further boost IT productivity by making it easy for developers of any skill level to create reusable, integrative API jobs.

ActiveBatch’s Super REST API Adapter is an enhanced feature that enables your team to rapidly build API integrations to any server, application, or service. New technologies can be seamlessly integrated, services can be quickly developed, and API processes can be maintained with built-in documentation and end-to-end visibility.

ActiveBatch’s Super REST API Adapter is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing developers of any skill level to build API calls to any endpoint, without the need for custom scripting. This helps minimize development costs and makes it easier for IT teams to complete critical projects on time.

Let’s take a closer look at what your team can do with ActiveBatch’s Super REST API Adapter.

Super REST API Adapter Overview

ActiveBatch Workload Automation’s Super REST API Adapter builds on our previous REST adapter by adding new capabilities and features to help your team develop APIs faster than ever.

  • New UI supports a variety of authentication and content types with custom options for endless integrations
  • Tool-tips, error flags, and dynamic pick-lists explain functionalities, notify users of potential errors, and provide variables based on content selection
  • All API operations can be tested within the REST API adapter, returning responses without having to wait for tests to run through the scheduler

Authentication Wizard

The Authentication Wizard guides users through the authentication process for REST services. Built-in authentication options include OAuth 2.0, Basic, and NTLM, or set up your own custom login. The Super REST API Adapter supports multiple grant types for OAuth and can generate access and refresh tokens.

The Authentication Wizard makes it easy to set authentication protocols by default or ad hoc, reducing the time it takes to build REST APIs. In case your organization needs to change authentication standards, your team can use the wizard to apply the new authentication to all new workflows.

Proactive UI

Our Super REST API Adapter is designed to simplify the creation and use of REST APIs so your team can build reliable, efficient, cross-platform processes. To help simplify API development, our new REST API adapter includes helpers that explain functionality, identify errors, and enable you to quickly select variables and properties. This makes it possible for developers of any skill level to build reusable API jobs without having to look through documentation.


Users can include both global and local variables, with descriptions that identify and summarize the function of each variable. When building an API call, users can choose variables from drop-down lists that include related and recently used variables. Variable values can also be hidden, providing additional security for sensitive information.


Headers in the Super REST API Adapter can be selected from a drop-down list, with corresponding values that can be picked from the drop-down list for variables.


The Super REST API Adapter features a content-sensitive script editor with support for a variety of content types, including URL, Encoded, Binary, and Form-Data. JSON, XML, and Raw are also supported. The adapter also includes editors for each content type. JSON and XML editors provide validation and highlight syntax, while editors for other content types contain key-value pair editors, for example.


New features for responses include drop-down lists with a variety of response types to choose from. The Super REST API Adapter has built-in support for file downloads, enabling your team to specify output paths and overwrite permissions. Responses can also be imported from tests without having to copy-paste, with editable display names that make it easier to keep track of return objects.

API Testing

Any operation can be tested within the Super REST API Adapter, providing your team with status codes and responses so you can quickly address issues, without waiting for job loads to complete. 

Tests can include login operations and set authentication properties. Users can also include variables and credential types. Responses include status codes, verbs and endpoints, and can be easily imported.

Looking For A Live Demo?

See a full demo of the Super REST API Adapter in our latest webinar, “Extend Your Workload Automation With ActiveBatch’s New Super REST API.” 

Join Mehul Amin, VP of Product & Engineering, and Chris Loeschorn, Director of Engineering, as they present a live demo of the Super REST API Adapter and answer audience questions. Get a first-hand deep-dive into ActiveBatch’s API capabilities and see what your team can achieve with workload automation.