ActiveBatch Execution Agents

ActiveBatch Execution Agents are the component responsible for executing jobs once dispatched by the Job Scheduler. ActiveBatch Execution Agents are supported on physical, virtual and cloud based environments.

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Execution Agents

Advanced Systems Concepts uses Execution Agent Points for licensing as they are designed to minimize costs and increase flexibility for accommodating changing computing environments for deploying ActiveBatch Execution Agents.

The ActiveBatch Job Scheduler requires the following to enable a connection for the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows: Ten (10) Points per Execution Agent
Linux: Ten (10) Points per Execution Agent
UNIX, HP NSK, IBM iSeries, macOS: Fifteen (15) Points per Execution Agent
HP OpenVMS: Twenty (20) Points per Execution Agent

Execution Agent Points may be re-assigned, by the User, as computing environments change over time. An example scenario of the usage of Execution Agent points would be: Assume a configuration of One Hundred Execution Agent Points. If after a period of time, you wanted to retire three (3) Windows Execution Agents which represents 30 Points (3x10 Points). Once retired then these thirty (30) Execution Agent Points are 'released' into the common pool. Then Users could allocate these 30 Points to two (2) UNIX Execution Agents (2x15 Points). In the end, you are left with the flexibility to change the Execution Agent platform mix over time to stay in line with new project initiatives without having to make additional license purchases.

ActiveBatch Execution Agents for Virtual Hosts:

Advanced Systems Concepts also provides a Host-Based License for installation of Execution Agents to be installed on Virtual Hosts. This license type allows for unlimited Execution Agent use against a Virtual Host.
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