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Web Services API

Programmatic Access to ActiveBatch Just Got Easier!

ActiveBatch Web Services API, supporting SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, provides developers an industry standard and direct approach to programmatically invoke ActiveBatch methods to more easily interact with other non ActiveBatch programs and processes.
The ActiveBatch Web Services API is a more efficient, comprehensive and powerful approach to programmatically retrieve, access, manage, and submit information across their extended enterprise.
ActiveBatch also includes ABATCMD, a cross-platform command line client built on Java and utilizing ActiveBatch Web Services to provide quick and easy access to basic ActiveBatch functionality without the need to program or script anything.
ActiveBatch Web Services API is included as part of the ActiveBatch core capabilities*.

*ActiveBatch Web Services API is supported in ActiveBatch Version 11 and above, with limited support for Version 10 SP3.


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