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Get infinite extensibility with our low-code REST API Adapter 

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ActiveBatch orchestrates your workload automation across your entire tech stack. As your organization grows and your business goals change, ActiveBatch grows with you. Our REST API adapter gives you the ability to connect with your current tools and those you add. 

Drive your business forward with API-first development and adapt faster and more seamlessly with REST APIs. Extend your automation by creating secure connections to any application or service with an API.

ActiveBatch Architecture Diagram

Bring Together All Your Enterprise Services & Applications

ActiveBatch connects all your enterprise applications, giving your organization a consistent and secure way to bring together your tech stack.  

Users can quickly connect to any external server, service, or application in a matter of minutes. Simply enter the REST endpoint and connection credentials to begin testing and formatting additional, custom Job Steps for your organization’s unique needs. 

Once connected, the exposed API call actions will be available for drag-and-drop usage within any associated jobs.

Ready to see how ActiveBatch can simplify your workload automation?

Our experts will run your actual jobs in ActiveBatch so you see how it simplifies your automation environment. Get your questions answered as you see how easy it is to build and maintain your jobs in ActiveBatch.

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