SQL Server Scheduling

Improve your data center operations with ActiveBatch's SQL Server Integration. 

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Expanding the Power of SQL Server Through Intelligent IT Automation

Prebuilt Job Steps to Simplify SQL Server Tasks

Today's data centers are expecting more from SQL Server Scheduling than just addressing administrative tasks supported by SQL Server Agent. With the growing complexity of today's IT environments and increasingly real-time business demands, IT organizations are looking to automate and integrate Microsoft SQL Server as part of larger data center requirements. 

ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library provides a series of production-ready Job Steps that simplify the automation of SQL Server tasks such as Backup, Transact SQL, and more, as well as providing for powerful end to end operations that includes multiple SQL Server systems with other applications.

The Integrated Jobs Library include hundreds of production-ready Job Steps that go beyond SQL Server and support a broad range of leading applications, data warehousing, and BI/reporting solutions. Among the SQL Server functions that are included within the Integrated Jobs Library are:

  • Backup
  • DTS Package
  • SQL Server Scheduling Job
  • SQL Server Report
  • SSIS Package
  • T-SQL Block
  • Connect
  • Disconnect

Key Benefits:

  • Chaining jobs across multiple SQL Servers, allowing operators to coordinate and manage jobs without batch windows
  • Central point of scheduling to easily automate and integrate SQL Server Agent tasks with other systems and business processes
  • Invoke Stored Procedures from SQL Server or other databases directly as Job Steps within the Integrated Jobs Library and incorporate into any workflow within or outside of SQL Server
  • Dynamically trigger SQL Server processes via an event-based architecture with support for actions including file, email, and web service triggers, database updates, and more
  • Reduce errors and ensure data integrity by integrating file, resource, and variable constraints with SQL jobs, SSIS Packages (including Catalogs), and DTS for conditional workflow logic 
  • Pass variable & parameter information from SQL Server Jobs directly to Jobs on other servers, databases, or applications
  • Simplify building workflows using a drag-and-drop approach rather than custom scripting
  • Customizable and flexible alerting and monitoring of SQL Server Jobs along with support for audit trails to track object changes
  • Ensure workflow completion within business deadlines with support for SLAs

Download the ActiveBatch SQL Server Datasheet.

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