First Rate Automates 99% of Data Processes with ActiveBatch's No-Code Approach

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

First Rate provides wealth management solutions and services, reporting on over $2 trillion in assets with its in-house business intelligence platform. However, First Rate was facing a variety of issues because of the legacy automation solution they were relying on:

  • An unstable automation environment was causing failures in the overnight processing cycle, impeding First Rate’s ability to handle large, complex workflows;
  • Insufficient log information was adding significant time to troubleshooting efforts, while poor documentation made it impossible to understand how jobs functioned;
  • Without the ability to trigger jobs based on external conditions, First Rate had to monitor job statuses with additional jobs in order to manually trigger jobs at the right time —causing their environment to become overly complex and cumbersome.

By The Numbers


First Rate has used ActiveBatch's prebuilt, out-of-the-box Job Steps to automate 99% of all jobs managed through ActiveBatch.


ActiveBatch has enabled First Rate to create new jobs twice as fast as they had been able to under their previous IT automation solution.

First Rate Implements ActiveBatch

First Rate was able to streamline the development of its workflows, optimize operations, and scale workloads by leveraging some of ActiveBatch’s major features and capabilities:

  • The ActiveBatch Instances View has allowed First Rate to quickly understand the status of critical overnight processes, accelerating troubleshooting efforts;
  • Alert objects notify teams and individuals of important events and issues within the IT automation environment, greatly improving response times;
  • First Rate utilizes ActiveBatch’s job constraints to automatically trigger workflows when dependencies are met, preventing the need for manual triggers;
  • ActiveBatch’s prebuilt integrations for Microsoft SQL Server have prevented the need for new custom scripts, saving IT time and resources.

In Their Own Words

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it. We know this is a tool that we’re going to be able to build, that we can go as far as we want to go and it’s going to be able to handle our needs.”

“ASCI Support is very responsive and has helped us resolve issues very quickly. The support is, in all honesty, the best we have ever encountered.”

“The scheduling in ActiveBatch is very flexible, very granular. That’s definitely another thing that has allowed us to customize these jobs to the specific client needs.”

“Our development team has created a process that if something changes on our system —if a client moves to a different reporting server, for example— ActiveBatch is sweeping through and updating the documentation automatically for us.”

How First Rate Succeeded with ActiveBatch

First Rate has leveraged ActiveBatch’s reporting and documentation capabilities to drastically reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting, boosting their SLAs.

ActiveBatch’s Reference Functionality allows developers to pass modifications to thousands of jobs with related logic, accelerating development and simplifying maintenance.

First Rate no longer experiences job scheduler failures, making it possible for First Rate to reliably scale automated processes to accommodate their growing customer base.

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