ASM International Turns a 26-Hour Process into a 25-Minute Process with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

ASM was using Windows Task Scheduler and SQL Scheduler to automate processes across 20 servers. Relying on scripts and point solutions made it difficult for ASM to modify its processes or to introduce new ones, impacting their ability to take on new members.

“We had no visibility to see what was planned to run, and no analysis of what had run, and no logging/output of those scheduled jobs. If a job failed, we wouldn’t know about it till somebody else notified us."

By The Numbers


ASM turned a 26-hour process into a 25-minute process, an improvement of 390%.


With ActiveBatch, ASM replaced 120 hard-coded jobs with 1 parameterized job.

ASM International Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • ActiveBatch’s multiple operations views, in-depth reporting, log files, and more, have provided ASM with deeper insights for optimizing workloads and resolving issues.
  • ASM uses ActiveBatch to load data from a variety of servers into a data warehouse, where reports are then run and sent to ASM’s senior managers every day, instead of every month.
  • When new members sign-up online, login credentials are verified through a workflow automated with ActiveBatch, allowing new members to immediately access content.
  • ASM’s business systems analyst no longer manually runs NetInsight reports because an ActiveBatch workflow runs, transforms, and publishes the reports automatically.
  • With fewer manual processes to tend to, ASM’s IT team “can now focus on other initiatives.”

In Their Own Words

“We had one report that wasn’t parameterized, so it needed to be run 120 different times with hard-coded values. With ActiveBatch, it’s just one parameterized job.”

“We’re really using ActiveBatch like an ETL tool to move data from our disparate systems into our data warehousing environment so we can coordinate reports across a society with tens of thousands of members.”

“I’ve worked with Advanced Systems Concepts for years now and they’re one of the best and are very responsive. It’s a first-rate product supported by exceptional customer service. They’ve really got it together.”

“It’s a huge time saver and drives efficiency. More importantly, I can now focus on other initiatives.”

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