How the Indiana University Foundation Succeeds with ActiveBatch

“With four major releases and several service packs per year, we’re constantly creating and changing our nonproduction environments for testing, demonstrations, and pilot projects. And that means a lot of data and code deployments.”
  • The IUF uses ActiveBatch Alerts to automatically notify IT personnel via email or mobile when a job fails, enabling the IT team to resolve any issues before customers are affected.
  • ActiveBatch’s in-depth reporting capabilities have given the IUF what it needs in order to schedule all of its jobs from a single solution: all of their error messages, log files, instances, and other reporting tools can be viewed from a single, unified window.
  • The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library includes over 500 prebuilt, platform-independent job steps, giving the IUF the ability to run reliable, end-to-end workflows that incorporate processes from a variety of systems and applications.
  • By leveraging many of ActiveBatch’s event triggers (completion triggers, FTP triggers, file event triggers, and a dozen more), the IUF is able to run jobs back-to-back, optimizing their resources, improving uptime, and allowing the IT team to run more batch jobs in less time.