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IT organizations are managing an expanding number of applications, databases and technologies across a range of platforms, including physical, virtual and cloud. Some of these applications include their own "closed" scheduling system (e.g. Windows Task Scheduler, cron, SQL Server, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.) whose automation capabilities were never designed to accommodate building end-to-end workflows across diverse systems. Developers need an alternative to building custom scripts to pass and share data and manage complex dependencies across the enterprise.

ActiveBatch and its Integrated Jobs Library provides a single point of automation using templated Job Steps that are "Script Free." ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library contains over 100 Job Steps developers can use to seamlessly create business and IT operational processes across a range of technologies and databases, including SQL Server and Oracle, Managed File Transfers (FTP, S-FTP, FTPS), Java, Microsoft and JMS Message Queues, OpenPGP, PowerShell, Exchange, Active Directory and many more.

The Integrated Jobs Library is augmented by ActiveBatch Extensions for mission critical applications and systems that include, SAP, Informatica PowerCenter, SharePoint, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM Cognos BI, databases systems such as Netezza and Teradata, and more. These extensions simplify the creation of end-to-end workflows that span applications and platforms.

ActiveBatch generates log files, across all platform types, containing the job's output information that can be viewed while the job is executing or referenced upon completion. Every ActiveBatch job and plan is fully audited with reporting to address compliance requirements.

ActiveBatch Single Intelligent Automation framework simplifies IT's role in managing systems and IT operational processes from within a single pane of glass. ActiveBatch's scalable and flexible architecture gives organizations the ability to accomplish more in less time.

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