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ActiveBatch Workload Automation simplifies the design, development and automation of end-to-end workflows in support of business as well as IT operational processes using over 100 templated Job Steps from within the Integrated Jobs Library. These Job Steps support a range of functions such as Managed File Transfers, OpenPGP encryption, Java and more and are designed to eliminate the need for custom scripting. The Job Steps are supplemented with powerful ActiveBatch Extensions that include integrations for SAP, PeopleSoft, Informatica PowerCenter and more.

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library allows users to more easily author workflows that can pass data and manage dependencies across a range of platforms, applications and databases all from within a centralized automation and job scheduling system. As a result organizations can consolidate operations rather than managing their processes across multiple closed scheduling systems (e.g. Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Scheduler, cron, etc.) thereby reducing the cost of operations and improving service levels.

ActiveBatch core capabilities includes event as well as date / time automation, alerting, analytic reporting, auditing, change management, version control and much more.

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