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The ActiveBatch® Integrated Jobs Library uses production-ready, templated Job Steps to simplify the development and implementation of single and/or compound business and IT processes into unified workflows that share data and manage dependencies across applications and systems. The Integrated Job Library allows developers to more easily construct workflows from within the Library's drag-and-drop interface to integrate a wide range of IT technologies, tasks and functions without having to invest time and resources in creating custom scripts.

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library contains over 130 Job Steps to simplify workflow creation for applications, databases and technologies. Advanced Systems Concepts also offers a series of ActiveBatch Extensions for direct integration with specific 3rd party applications, databases and platforms to allow users to integrate these processes with the core capabilities already offered within the Jobs Library. Examples of ActiveBatch Extensions include IBM Cognos and DataStage, Netezza, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP NetWeaver, and more.

The Integrated Jobs Library is augmented by the ActiveBatch Services Library, which is a dynamic Web Services and SOA tool that extends ActiveBatch's integration capabilities with various enterprise applications and systems that ActiveBatch does not already provide direct support for. The Services Library supports the loading of Web Services, .Net Assemblies, Stored Procedures and Command lines within Integrated Jobs Library so that their "methods" can be utilized as reusable Job Steps within workflows.

The Integrated Jobs Library provides true business process automation across the enterprise from within a single automation solution. The following is a list of Jobs Steps:

Building "end-to-end" workflows has never been easier.

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