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Advanced Systems' Demonstrations, Presentations, and Evaluations

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. offers product presentations, demonstrations, and evaluations for the majority our software products.  

Advanced Systems' Demonstrations, Presentations and Evaluations

We realize that evaluations, demonstrations, and presentations may be useful when trying to determine whether or not our software solutions are applicable to the needs of your organization. We recommend that you view the appropriate product demonstration or presentation and contact us should an Advanced Systems Concepts product meet your organization's needs. If you'd like to receive further information about a product please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:

About our Presentations
Our presentations are there to give you a brief overview of a particular software product. They are to communicate with you and your organization the importance of a particular product and give sample applications of its use. Should a certain product meet your needs then we would then suggest either a "Product Proof of Concept" or "Product Demonstration" to gain a further understanding for our solutions.

About our Demonstrations
Our demonstrations are interactive explanations of our software products. They can be one of two types. The first may be a Adobe® Flash presentation in which you may passively view a movie-like demonstration of the software in action. The second involves the technology where you and an ASCI consultant share an interactive remote session in which you can see the software in action, get immediate answers to your questions demonstrated in real time, and ask our experts how to address your specific business needs.

About our Evaluations
The evaluation software that we provide is time limited. It is fully functional so there are no restrictions on its functionality. We offer evaluations for all of our software products the majority of which can be downloaded from our website today!

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