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IT Automation Without Boundaries

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Environments are becoming increasingly distributed and complex, driven by the need to improve service levels to the business. To automate the business and IT operational processes that span these complex environments, IT organizations typically rely on scripting or platform-specific, "point" tools, such as Windows Task Scheduler, cron, a solution for provisioning VM's and others. These tools may be limited to specific technologies or process types, such as database backups, managed file transfers, server provisioning, scheduling scripts and others. Moreover, they represent a "temporary" fix that often becomes outdated or insufficient within three to five years, resulting in increased complexity, costs and resources for maintaining them moving forward, according to Gartner. This "elemental" approach to IT automation builds silos of automation or boundaries, therefore increasing the risk of missing SLAs, incurring delays and increasing system downtimes.

Achieving IT service level assurance can only be achieved with true integration and orchestration across business processes, applications and the underlying infrastructure. In order to build and automate workflows faster and with greater consistency, reduce the cost of IT operations and more efficiently pass data and manage dependencies across systems and process types, IT organizations need to take an "architectural" approach to IT automation. IT organizations need a unified scheduling and automation solution that simplifies the automation and management of processes that span their entire IT environment…they need ActiveBatch® Workload Automation and Job Scheduling.

ActiveBatch allows IT organizations to automate existing processes, develop and deploy new workflows faster and more reliably than relying on scripts or "point" scheduling tools. The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library provides users with over 130 production-ready Job Steps designed to simplify the development of business and IT operational processes composed of various applications, databases and technologies and also includes loading web services, stored procedures, .Net Assemblies, managed file transfers and more. ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library interface allows users to drag-and-drop Job Steps into organized workflows that integrate business and IT operational processes without the need for scripting. ActiveBatch Extensions extend this functionality by providing production-ready Job Steps for numerous third-party applications and databases, allowing users to tailor their ActiveBatch implementation to their IT environment while lowering total cost of operations.

ActiveBatch also allows IT organizations to manage workflows based on business policies and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As part of these workflows, ActiveBatch can also automate the provisioning and management of underlying virtual and cloud environments, either predicatively or on-demand, as workflow execution requires.

ActiveBatch has been proven in over 1,600 implementations to:

  • Automate existing processes
  • Accelerate the development of end-to-end workflows that automate your business processes
  • Decrease errors from manual operations
  • Improve IT Service Levels
  • Reduce the overall cost of IT operations

ActiveBatch is an object oriented system that streamlines workflows through its extensive use of job and plan referencing and variables that reduces the number of managed objects so you can reuse objects for maximum flexibility and supports industry accepted technologies and protocols, including full support of the Microsoft security model (Activity Directory) and is script language independent.

Advanced Systems Concepts invites you to learn more about ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling, which has been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workload Automation and by other leading analyst firms such as Forrester Research and IDC.

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