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Layers of Automation

Enterprise IT Automation that takes a layered, architectural approach to automation enables IT to increase efficiency and drive business value

The Problem: An Elemental Approach

IT has more to manage than ever before. As a result, IT teams are striving to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies with automation. Often, automation takes the form of custom scripts or built-in scheduling components—IT finds a problem, IT solves that problem.

This is an elemental approach to automation.

While an elemental type of approach may prove effective in the short term because it solves immediate problem areas, over time it becomes increasingly complex, expensive, and difficult to manage. Disparate applications, technologies, and platforms that were not designed to easily communicate with one another makes the building of end-to-end workflows, the passing of data, and the management of dependencies difficult, often requiring extensive coding.

Additionally, each tool may come with its own licensing and support costs, and each tool may require time-consuming, costly training. IT amasses collections of complex scripts and multiple scheduling and automation tools, and the automation environment becomes siloed. These siloes increase complexity and costs, consequently slowing IT down with reduced efficiency.

Elemental Approach to IT Automation

Elemental Approach to IT Automation
IT teams need a more systematic, architectural way to manage the different layers of their automation environment.

What are Layers of Automation?

Workload Automation IT Process Automation
Business Process Automation Big Data/Hadoop Automation
Managed File Transfer Automation Application Release Automation
Infrastructure Automation And more

The Solution: A Layered, Architectural Approach

To reduce complexity, organizations need to take an architectural, layered approach to automation. This approach coordinates and consolidates silos of automation, providing a single point of control. To adopt a layered, architectural approach to automation, IT teams need a solution that is designed for handling a multitude of automation areas and designed for changing business and IT requirements.

Architectural Approach to IT Automation

This approach frees IT from repetitive, time-consuming, manual tasks, and facilitates innovation, enabling IT to drive business value for the organization.

ActiveBatch IT Automation is an enterprise IT automation and job scheduling solution that takes a layered, architectural approach to automation. A unified, cross-platform solution, ActiveBatch increases IT and organizational agility, reduces overall costs, and increases efficiency and reliability. This allows IT to meet the constantly changing needs of the business and keep up with the pace of digitalization in the industry.

ActiveBatch offers the largest library of pre-built integrations on the market to allow developers to:


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