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IBM PureData (Netezza) Integration

Improve BI performance with production-ready Job Steps from ActiveBatch’s Extension for IBM PureData (Netezza). 



ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling and Workload Automation has a demonstrated track record in leveraging our customer's requirements for improved BI performance by removing complexity and shortening the time to implementation by integrating and managing key resources in their Data Warehousing environments including database appliances such as those offered by Netezza Corporation.

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library production-ready Netezza Job Steps designed specifically to eliminate the need for command line use and/or expensive scripting. ActiveBatch users can automate and integrate critical processes performed by Netezza including:

  • NzLoadData for loading data into the Netezza appliance;
  • NZ-PLSQL Block to execute SQL queries in the Netezza SQL language;
  • NZBackup for database backups.

In addition, the ActiveBatch Execution Agent can be installed directly on the Netezza host to support direct access to all Netezza operations.

ActiveBatch advanced Enterprise Job Scheduling and Workload Automation core capabilities including alerting, monitoring, audits, constraints and much more have proven to improve the quality and reliability of the data from upstream business processes that Netezza processes are dependent upon. The net net is improved data quality presented to the Netezza system for processing. The "ActiveBatch Extension for Netezza" within the Integrated Jobs Library is separately licensed.

Netezza, a leader in data warehouse appliances combines storage, processing, database and analytics into a single high-performance system. Led by its TwinFin™ line of data warehouse appliances, Netezza offers purpose-built systems that solve business problems quickly and easily for a wide range of clients.