Crystal Reports Integration

Automate Crystal Reports with production-ready Job Steps that remove the need for custom scripting.

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"If a job failed we wouldn't know about it until somebody else notified us they didn't receive something. We had one report that wasn't parameterized, so it needed to be run 120 different times with hard-coded values. With ActiveBatch, it's just one parameterized job."

- Tony Purkins, Business Systems Analyst, ASM International

From Point Scheduling Tools to Enterprise-wide Automation

IT organizations typically rely on point scheduling solutions, such as writing a command line script or using native schedulers like Windows Task Scheduler, to automate Crystal Reports generation. These solutions are typically limited to basic date/time scheduling and do not offer advanced capabilities for integrating Crystal Reports with other applications.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling provides production-ready Job Steps from the Integrated Jobs Library for the automation of Crystal Reports. Executing one or several Crystal Reports as a single job step is easily accomplished without the need for custom scripting. Users can identify the Crystal Report job name, parameters, output formats, and more from auto-populating dropdown menus and automate the distribution of the report to end users in a designated output format. 

The Integrated Jobs Library supports the integration of Crystal Reports with other powerful ActiveBatch functions such as defined Database Jobs, File Operations, SQL Server, FTP, and email so users can build end-to-end workflows across different applications and data sources. 

Crystal Report users can also leverage ActiveBatch’s robust scheduling capabilities, including job constraints, a dynamic event architecture, SLAs, and audits to dynamically execute Crystal Reports based on specific date/time scheduling or IT and business events. As a result, users can enhance the power of Crystal Reports with the ability to schedule and run reports within the context of your business and user requirements.

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