ActiveBatch SAP NetWeaver Integration

Seamlessly build end-to-end workflows across SAP NetWeaver and external processes with the ActiveBatch Extension for NetWeaver

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Certified and Trusted SAP NetWeaver Integration 

ActiveBatch's certified SAP NetWeaver Extension provides a cross-platform framework that integrates SAP business processes with other SAP and non-SAP processes into organized and unified workflows. The result is a reliable and secure integration that when coupled with ActiveBatch's many powerful scheduling capabilities, is proven to improve service levels and allow for a simplified approach in building end to end workflows

The ActiveBatch Extension for SAP requires no changes to your SAP implementation or installation of ActiveBatch components within your SAP environment. The extension is SAP tested and certified on:

  • SAP BC-XBP 2.0 and 3.0 7.20

  • SAP BW-SCH 3.0/Scheduling for SAP BW 3.0

A Simple, but Powerful Approach to SAP 

This allows users to schedule and support both NetWeaver and BW-SCH processes from within ActiveBatch, including the ability to schedule, run and monitor ABAP processes as well as process chains and use their completion as a trigger to start another job within your workflow.

The user interface is designed to be consistent with those implemented by SAP. As a result, workflow designers can leverage both their knowledge and experience using SAP and gain the additional benefits of utilizing the many capabilities built into an enterprise class workflow automation and job scheduling system.

ActiveBatch's SAP extension is separately licensed as part of the powerful and proven Integrated Jobs Library. The Integrated Jobs Library offers a full range of "production ready" business processes, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Crystal Reports, File Transfers (FTP, SFTP, and FTPS), Web Services and more that can be easily integrated with SAP processes using a "drag-and-drop" approach to workflow design. The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library also supports BusinessObjects Data Services.
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"Customers can save on total cost overall (TCO) and reduce integration costs by taking advantage of pre-tested integrations with SAP solutions. Gaining an SAP ICC certification demonstrates this partner's technology offerings integrate smoothly with SAP solutions and will make you feel confident in your investment decision. SAP ICC certified partners should be perceived as solution providers doing all they can to help customers save on TCO." 

–SAP Labs, LLC

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