HumanGood: Achieving Greatness by Automating Workflows and Files with ActiveBatch and JSCAPE

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“Am I going crazy?”

Jonathan, the development operations manager and head of automation at HumanGood, hadn’t lost his marbles, but it was easy to see why he felt that way. In the past few years managing his organization’s managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere, they had experienced over a month of downtime… and the solution was down once again

Jonathan was trying to get in contact with the GoAnywhere support team for help, only to be told, “You changed something on your end. Change it back and it will work.”

This was not the first time Jonathan had heard this “explanation.” He had his evidence ready. 

“No, that’s not possible, look, here are my logs showing I didn’t make any changes.” But GoAnywhere was unmoved. “No, you must have changed something.” 

Finally, after years working with GoAnywhere, Jonathan and the HumanGood team were fed up. 

The goal: Replace GoAnywhere and Windows Task Scheduler

Ultimately, these outages were hurting HumanGood’s clients: patients living within senior living communities along with their HumanGood support teams. As one of the largest non-profit assisted living organizations on the west coast of the United States, HumanGood needed a reliable managed file transfer solution that could automate and manage:

  • Onboarding new patients to their communities
  • Configuring new employee profiles in their systems
  • The transfer of patient care and health information to appropriate business units
  • Active Directory automation workflows (password updates, user account deletions) 

In conjunction with GoAnywhere managed file transfer, HumanGood also used Windows Task Scheduler for orchestration of some jobs and file transfer workflows. These two solutions were intended to support the software infrastructure needed to care for their seniors, but the lack of reliability and trust in GoAnywhere left HumanGood with only one option: replacement.

Why ActiveBatch and JSCAPE?

Critical to HumanGood’s success was the ability to automate workflows and file transfers reliably. They needed to be able to automate the onboarding of patients and employees, as well as ensure that patient healthcare information was getting to the correct business units within the organization. Their vision prior to speaking to the Redwood team was to slowly move away from GoAnywhere, as they had a majority of their automation and file transfer processes built into that solution, and would eventually find a file transfer solution once their workflows had been migrated.

In discussions, Redwood recommended moving their processes out of GoAnywhere and into ActiveBatch, one of its workload automation solutions, as it was easy to implement and the time-to-value was extraordinarily quick. Additionally, the Redwood team recommended JSCAPE for their file transfers and file automations as it could seamlessly integrate with ActiveBatch and provide their IT teams with a single view for all their processes. JSCAPE Managed File Transfer would then replicate many of the processes the HumanGood team had built into both GoAnywhere and Windows Task Scheduler, with ActiveBatch orchestrating those workflows across their environment. Best of all, both solutions were in their budget.

The Results

Both short-term and long-term pain caused by GoAnywhere were resolved using ActiveBatch and JSCAPE. The Redwood team was able to get a proof-of-concept up and running for Jonathan and his beleaguered IT leaders, with the HumanGood team moving processes into ActiveBatch and JSCAPE to test use cases. JSCAPE was able to consolidate and reduce the overall job count by eliminating the need for polling/monitoring jobs, ferrying files where they needed to go based on defined triggers. JSCAPE’s integration also brought additional capabilities, including data encryption, built-in key management and automation triggers based on events, time of day or even other objects. The cloud storage integrations available right out of the box with JSCAPE allowed the HumanGood team to more easily store their data in the cloud without further manual, risky coding. 

The fully integrated products were able to provide Jonathan a single view of all workflow and file transfer processes, with comprehensive logging for every step taken in the process — no need to save his “evidence” for future support calls! In fact, the Redwood Customer Success team assisted Jonathan and the HumanGood every step of the way, responding to every question within SLAs (and with care and empathy). The ease of implementation was so successful that Jonathan and HumanGood had a fully functioning dual solution by end of contract negotiations.

With the two products working together as intended, HumanGood could finally fulfill their mission knowing their residents would have the support they need without any further outages, finger-pointing or delays. 

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