Managing Cloud Resources with Workload Automation

Check out our infographic to see how you can use Workload Automation to better manage virtual and cloud resources.

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Workload automation enables IT to seamlessly manage cloud resources

Cloud computing is delivering a host of benefits to today’s organizations in the form of increased flexibility, accessibility, ease of deployment, and reduced costs.

According to a joint survey of 1,300 companies in the U.S. and U.K. by the Manchester Business School, Vanson Bourne, and Rackspace, 88 percent of cloud users reported costs savings and 56 percent of respondents said cloud services helped them boost profits. Additionally, 60 percent said cloud computing has reduced the need for their IT team to manage infrastructure.

Despite these benefits, managing hybrid IT resources poses a significant challenge for businesses. Virtual and cloud resources often go unnoticed because they are less visible than on-premise servers which take up space and power bills. Oftentimes, users leave virtual machines running long after they are needed, resulting in increased costs and resource waste.

Intelligent workload automation is rising to meet this challenge with advanced capabilities that help organizations optimize their cloud investment.

Instead of experiencing low job success rates or having to rely on time-consuming manual management, automation seamlessly adds and removes computing power to match computing supply with business demand. For example, an intelligent automation solution can spin up more machines when workloads are heavy and more computing power is needed, as well as spin down machines during idle times.

As a result, organizations can better optimize their IT environment, reduce the need for manual intervention, and minimize the risk of SLA and deadline breaches.

We see more and more customers utilizing ActiveBatch’s capabilities in the area of the cloud. According to a recent survey of ActiveBatch customers, 47% of respondents said they are currently or plan on using ActiveBatch for virtual/cloud services.

Struggling to Manage Your Cloud Resources?

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Intelligent workload automation solutions enable IT to dynamically manage cloud resources based on real-time demand.