Q. What if I forget my password?

This is not a problem.  We will ask for your e-mail address and the password on file will be sent to that e-mail address instantly.
Visit the "Forgot my Password" page to make a request.

Q. Login Error: "Waiting Confirmation," what does this mean?

Your account setup is almost complete!  Your username (e-mail address) and password have successfully been registered with the system.  However, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. requires a valid e-mail address to best keep its evaluation licenses limited.  To ensure this, after registering your information with My ASCI an e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail address. Within the contents of that message resides a link to activate your account.  Simply click on the hyperlink and wait for the confirmation page to appear.

Certain e-mail clients will simply show plain text without hyperlinks.  If this is the case simply copy and paste the link into a web browser window.  Make sure the full link is copied.  If all is well you should see a page thanking you for confirming your account and that access to My ASCI has been granted.
Sometimes spam blockers or ISPs will block the confirmation e-mail that we send.  If this is the case you must e-mail: ASCI Support Administration with the newly registered e-mail address.  An ASCI Support representative will review the information, activate your account, and send you an e-mail welcoming you.

Q. Registration: I never received the e-mail to confirm my account, now what?

Sometimes the confirmation e-mail can take longer than expected to receive.  Sometimes it may never reach its destination due to blockage from ISPs or Spam Filters.
Should you NOT receive a confirming email please send an email to ASCI Support Administration and we will activate your account should the information be complete.

Q. Login Error: "Invalid Login," what does this mean?

An "Invalid Login" error message represents that your e-mail and password are not a match to any record currently in our database.  The system was unable to log you on because of either an invalid username (e-mail address) or an invalid password.  We do not say specifically that simply the password is invalid for security reasons.

If you feel you receive this message in error we recommend that you request the password be e-mailed to the address on file.  You may do this by visiting the "Forgot My Password " page. For future reference this link is also found on the bottom of the login box.

Q. How do I create a standard user account?

My ASCI allows organizations (users) to create up to 10 standard user accounts to access product updates, downloads, knowledgebase articles, and other resources for their ASCI software. Standard user accounts were designed to centralize your product information into one account without access restrictions. Standard user accounts have all the capabilities of a regular user account.
You can register standard user account(s) by selecting the "Manager User " link within the My ASCI page.

Q. How do I change my password?

Your password can be changed once you login to My ASCI.  In the left navigation there is a link towards the bottom to "My Profile."   From there you can change your password.

Q. How do I change my personal and contact information?

Your e-mail address or personal information can be changed once you login to My ASCI.  In the left navigation there is a link towards the bottom to " My Profile ."  From there you can change your e-mail or personal information.
Should you decide to change your e-mail address your account will be placed in a "Waiting for Confirmation" state until it has been activated from the new e-mail address.  For more information see: '"Waiting Confirmation,'" what does this mean?

Q. Login Error: "Account Disabled," what does this mean?

Your e-mail address and password have been validated successfully, however your account has been disabled.  This might be because invalid information was found in your profile or your access to the site has been suspended.
If you feel you are receiving this message in error please e-mail: ASCI Support Administration with the newly registered e-mail address.  An ASCI Support representative will respond promptly.

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