Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution

ActiveMFT works with ActiveBatch to create a unified workload automation and managed file transfer platform

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Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution
Extend The Power Of Workload Automation & MFT

Extend The Power Of Workload Automation & MFT

ActiveMFT is a flexible, scalable managed file transfer solution. It’s designed to work seamlessly with ActiveBatch, allowing you to bring together your workload automation and managed file transfer solutions into one unified platform.

When used together, you get the ability to create streamlined, automation-centric file transfers from ActiveBatch while getting the benefits of a powerful FTP server.

With ActiveMFT, you can simplify your managed file transfers — there’s no need for multiple FTP servers to handle different business needs. ActiveMFT is designed to be flexible, so it adapts as your business and IT requirements change.

ActiveMFT is designed to work with

  • Any Protocol

    No matter what protocol you need — AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, OFTP2, Cloud — ActiveMFT can handle it.

  • Any Platform

    ActiveMFT is platform independent and can be used with Windows, Linux, Solaris or MacOS X.

  • Any Deployment

    Deploy ActiveMFT in the cloud, on-premises or take a hybrid approach — whatever your organization requires.

MFT Designed For The Modern Organization

Managed file transfers play a business-critical role, so you have to have a solution you can rely on. ActiveMFT is designed to keep pace with whatever your organization needs.

From the basics of sharing files to maintaining secure transfers, ActiveMFT allows organizations to secure and automate data exchange with trading partners, clients and internal transfers.

Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution
  • Send And Receive Files

    Make sending and receiving files simple with our robust set of features, including ad-hoc file sharing, Drop Zones and Outlook integration.

  • Receive Files Using Multiple Protocols

    Easily share files through any protocol — AS2, SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, OFTP2 and the cloud. Reduce the complexity of your FTP server setup with our comprehensive protocol approach.

  • Automate File Transfers

    Accelerate your file transfers with ActiveBatch’s hundreds of prebuilt actions for common MFT operations.

  • Easily Manage File Transfer Clients

    Skip the time-intensive installation and start using ActiveMFT immediately. Empower self-service across your organization for user registration, password reset and key management.

  • Meet Compliance Requirements

    MFT Gateway gives you proxy servers to support all your compliance needs — including PCI, SOX and HIPAA. Easily exchange data with trading partners.

  • Achieve High-Availability

    Get the consistent file transfer server environments your organization needs without heavy administrative demand with our centralized configuration datastore and shared storage.

How ActiveMFT Works

ActiveMFT provides a managed file transfer solution that makes it easy to configure for high-availability, secure file transfer and more.

ActiveMFT consists of three components — MFT Server, MFT Gateway and MFT Monitor.

MFT Server

MFT Server connects with the Shared Database Storage to pull configuration data like users, triggers and directory monitors. When you need to create a high-availability environment, MFT Server gets the data it needs from the Database Storage.

This gives you the ability to spin up another instance of MFT Server in just minutes. Shared Storage allows users to access all their files on any of the servers.

MFT Gateway

MFT Gateway gives you the ability to create a high-availability architecture. It also supports all your organization’s compliance needs, so you can securely transfer files between your internal network and external clients. MFT Gateway is designed for organizations that can’t have sensitive data in the DMZ.

You can set up one or more MFT Gateway proxy servers in the DMZ. This gives you a connection between the client, Gateway and MFT Server. Data can be streamed between all points in the connection without sensitive data ever landing in the DMZ.

MFT Monitor

MFT Monitor gives you the ability to load test and do network scanning. It’s also where the Health Service sits. This collects anonymized data that we use to evaluate your system and performance data, detecting problems and proactively sending alerts and fixes as part of our Self-Healing Platform.

Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution

ActiveMFT Integrates With ActiveBatch

ActiveMFT is designed with interoperability in mind. The product team behind ActiveBatch also creates the product roadmap for ActiveMFT, so the two products work together seamlessly.

When used together, you bring together the reliability and comprehensive automation you expect from ActiveBatch with the versatility of ActiveMFT. You get the powerful custom ActiveBatch cloud and file triggers specifically designed for ActiveMFT, while also getting ActiveMFT’s new Trading Partner actions specifically tailored to ActiveBatch’s robust workflows.

Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution
Powerful, Flexible Managed File Transfer Solution

Analytics & Reporting Designed For MFT

ActiveAnalytics is a powerful reporting and analytics add-on, designed specifically for ActiveMFT. It delivers the visibility you need to monitor and manage your organization’s file transfers.

See a high-level overview of key MFT metrics in our dashboard, allowing you to quickly assess the status of your transfers. Use the color-coded graphs to easily identify issues. Drill-down from the dashboard into detailed reports to troubleshoot issues faster and get the data you need to resume critical business operations.

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