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System Center Operations Manager Extension

Centrally monitor the performance and health of your systems from ActiveBatch's single point of control.


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Centrally Monitor the Performance and Health of Your Systems
IT Operational Groups need to monitor IT and business processes to ensure that all components in the organization's environment are healthy. More and more, organizations are relying on Microsoft's Systems Center Operations Manager to improve service levels by being able to identify and resolve issues in near real time that can affect the health of their systems and applications.

The ActiveBatch Management Pack for Systems Center Operations Manager allows IT Operations staff to centrally monitor the performance and health of the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler, Execution Agents, ActiveBatch Objects, and other important IT systems and components. When an alert is raised for an ActiveBatch Job Scheduler or a "tagged" object, IT Operations can go directly to the System Center Operations Manager console where detailed information is available for the rapid resolution of issues.

The ActiveBatch Management Pack performs comprehensive monitoring and alerting from a centralized console, with greater efficiency and fewer dedicated personnel focused on key issues like:

  • Are all ActiveBatch services running?
  • Are targeted ActiveBatch Objects such as Jobs and Job Plans "active and available"?
  • Are ActiveBatch systems in "maintenance mode" or are they available?
  • Is ActiveBatch performing efficiently and reliably?
  • Are Jobs and Job Plans succeeding?
  • What is the success rate of jobs and plans that have finished?
  • What ActiveBatch configuration changes (patches, hotfixes, updates, etc.) were applied to the Job Scheduler and Execution Agent machines?
  • What is the uptime of the Job Scheduler and Execution Agents?

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) and ActiveBatch are part of the Microsoft System Center Alliance Program. The ActiveBatch Management Pack is separately licensed and can be downloaded from Microsoft Pinpoint or directly from your My ASCI account.

ActiveBatch supports System Center Operations Manager 2012 and 2012 SP1.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Datasheet.