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Improve incident management and resolution with ActiveBatch's centralized automation console.


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Improved Incident Management and Troubleshooting
System Center Service Manager is an integrated platform for automating and adapting IT service management best practices by providing built-in processes for incident and problem resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management. 
ActiveBatch supports a comprehensive set of Job Steps, alert actions, and event triggers, allowing users to create and maintain an incident that is registered within Service Manager via built-in ActiveBatch Job Steps.  In ActiveBatch, users can interface to the "Incident Management" operations of System Center Service Manager. Incident management is the "help desk" facility of System Center Service Manager, and enables help desks to restore normal operation as quickly as possible, with the least impact on the organization.

To aid in this goal, ActiveBatch provides a series of Job Steps which facilitate the creation, maintenance, and resolution of System Center Service Manager incidents. Through direct use of the Job Steps, ActiveBatch customers gain an easier entry to incident management by letting ActiveBatch do the "heavy lifting" of directly interfacing with the Service Manager APIs.

Easily incorporate SCSM into ActiveBatch's Rich Event Architecture
A key capability of the ActiveBatch-Service Manager interface is the ability to incorporate System Center Service Manager into the ActiveBatch alert notification mechanism. Each ActiveBatch object has a series of alerts associated with it. Each alert, in turn, can have one or more delivery methods, such as an email or social media alert via Growl or Twitter. For example, if a critical ActiveBatch job fails or the connection to an Execution Agent goes down during a peak processing period, an System Center Service Manager incident can be automatically generated and assigned, thus removing complexity and shortening the time to resolution to minimize the impact on the organization.

ActiveBatch supports System Center Service Manager 2012 and 2012 SP1.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft System Center Service Manager Datasheet.


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