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ServiceNow Extension

Integrate the business and IT processes that create, manage, and resolve service requests. Improve incident management and resolution with ActiveBatch IT Automation for ServiceNow.


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ServiceNow Integration

Trigger ActiveBatch Processes from within ServiceNow
ActiveBatch Extension for ServiceNow extends ServiceNow's ability to organize patterns of work by supporting the execution of ActiveBatch workflows to fulfill service requests. ActiveBatch Extension for ServiceNow is certified and available from the ServiceNow Store.

Prebuilt Job Steps and Dynamic Alerting for Improved Incident Management
ActiveBatch provides a comprehensive set of prebuilt and tested actions and alerts within the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library for ServiceNow that include:

  • Open Incident
  • Update Incident
  • Close Incident
  • Get Incident
  • Resolve Incident
  • Query Incidents

These templated actions can be included within ActiveBatch workflows, allowing ActiveBatch to do the heavy lifting associated with requests from ServiceNow. Now you can automate actions such as opening or updating an incident in ServiceNow based on activities that occur within ActiveBatch, such as a VPN client failing.

Benefits of IT Service Management Powered by ActiveBatch IT Automation

  • Automatically kick-off tasks once an approval (or other activity) is issued in ServiceNow, so actions like creating or updating an Active Directory account, provisioning systems, resetting passwords, etc. get taken care of right away.
  • Open, resolve, update, retrieve, query, and close ServiceNow incidents without manual intervention, avoiding delays and reducing errors.
  • Achieve automated, end-to-end integration of Business and IT Processes both before and after the IT Help Desk, significantly improving Service Levels while allowing valuable personnel to tackle more important projects.



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