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See why IT leaders are calling ActiveBatch "critical", "one of the greatest", and "the best enterprise job scheduler on the market".

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Gartner Peer Insights

Steep learning curve, but very powerful tool that can manage all scheduling and automation."

"ActiveBatch is a very powerful tool. A robust scheduling and automation tool that has been able to do anything we need from it."

- Senior Programmer/Analyst, Finance Industry

"The swiss army knife of IT workflow automation."

"Active Batch is a very useful tool to help streamline the automation of IT processes. Its tools, tracking, logging, monitoring and scripting are 2nd to none. This product has made my IT life a much more efficient and less stressful one."

- I&O Programmer, Services Industry

"ActiveBatch has become a critical part of our IT operations."

"Without this software, many automation tasks would not have been possible. Active Batch was chosen for its versatility and reliability. We are very satisfied with the product, training, and support from ASCI."

- Senior Developer, Services Industry

G2 Reviews

"ActiveBatch is easy to use and has many amazing features and functionalities."

"With Activebatch in place, we now have a much more robust Enterprise job scheduler that could be used by different groups in the organization without any problems."

- Principle Software Engineer, Transportation Industry

"ActiveBatch is an excellent tool to help with automation of daily processes."

"The ability to set custom schedules, write custom scripts for automation and perform self-upgrades are a few of my favorite features of ActiveBatch."

- Administrator, Healthcare Industry

"Strong product that covers all needed aspects of workload automation."

"Many administrative overhead/tasks can be solved with ActiveBatch Workload Automation. Giving the time back to your Administrators/Engineers is almost priceless."

- Administrator, IT Services

Capterra Reviews

"ActiveBatch is one of the greatest software applications ever devised! "

"If it's digital this application can probably create an automated task to do whatever you need, and do it extremely efficiently. The ROI on this application is astronomical."

- Software Engineer, Finance Industry

"All the tools you need under one roof."

"It has tons of features, and options to integrate it's automation into many third party platforms for backups, email, sharepoint, tracking systems."

- Programmer, IT Services

"I have been using ActiveBatch since 2015. This is the best Enterprise Job scheduler on the market."

"I was able to setup the software and started to use it in 1 day. I was able to create jobs at no time. What I like most about this software is the ease of use and the versioning control."

- Software Engineer, Transportation Industry


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