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AS/400 Scheduling & Cross-Platform Automation

Centrally manage AS/400 Scheduling from a single point of control with ActiveBatch.


IT organizations operate in heterogeneous environments that span both distributed and mainframe systems. As a result, managing and automating the IT operational and business processes that span these various systems become difficult. Using platform-specific scheduling tools to manage AS/400 jobs makes managing the cross-platform and cross-application processes that are dependent on AS/400 difficult, thereby increasing IT complexity and operational costs while reducing staff productivity. For example, while IBM provides both native (Management Central Scheduler) and separately licensed scheduling capabilities for AS/400 via its iSeries Navigator, both are limited in their respective capabilities and are not enterprise automation solutions that provide cross-platform or cross-application support for scheduling outside the IBM solutions.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation provides AS/400 users with an enterprise scheduling and automation solution for managing cross-platform and cross-application workflows that include AS/400, including dependencies, job constraints and variables, all from a single point of control. ActiveBatch provides a full range of support for developing and implementing heterogeneous workloads for various platforms, applications, databases and more, including Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS, OpenVMS, NSK and others. For example, use ActiveBatch to automate file system operations between AS/400 machines and distributed platforms, such as scheduling an FTP to move a file from a Windows server to an AS/400 machine, process the file, and based upon its completion, FTP the file back to the Windows machine.

The ActiveBatch Execution Agent for AS/400 is a native agent that resides on the AS/400 machine and allows end users to use ActiveBatch as a central point of control and monitoring and take advantage of all of ActiveBatch’s automation and management capabilities. This includes using ActiveBatch’s advanced date/time scheduling and event automation framework to allow AS/400 processes to be executed based on IT events such as an Email, File or Web Service Trigger or ActiveBatch completion triggers, including Job Success, Failure or Abort. Finally, AS/400 jobs can be monitored and log files viewed from within the ActiveBatch console and ActiveBatch’s alert architecture can be leveraged to alert users when an issue does arise.