Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Harness the full power of ActiveBatch in the cloud on a platform supporting its flexible framework.

Create dynamic, hybrid environments with seamless, endless scalability

ActiveBatch is available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. With Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and CloudFormation Templates for ActiveBatch, organizations can combine ActiveBatch’s powerful automation capabilities and flexible framework with Amazon’s highly reliable, elastic cloud capabilities. This allows organizations to use ready-in-minutes AMIs and CloudFormation Templates to quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions, at any scale.

  • No installations or machine maintenance
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming procurement of on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Create dynamic, hybrid environments across multiple platforms and technologies that point to a single Job Scheduler, providing ultimate flexibility and visibility of enterprise-wide operations
  • Scale in seconds to meet peak demands quickly and cost-effectively

ActiveBatch OnDemand Execution Agents

With an OnDemand, subscription-based software listing for ActiveBatch Execution Agents, organizations can increase the scale of their ActiveBatch environment during peak times or seasons without paying a full, up-front license cost. The OnDemand version of the software functions identically to our other licensed ActiveBatch versions, but does not deduct Execution Agent points when connected to a licensed Job Scheduler system.

Available OnDemand Templates

For ActiveBatch V12 SP1 and higher.

ActiveBatch Execution Agent

  • For Windows
  • For Amazon Linux
  • For SUSE
  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • For Ubuntu

ActiveBatch Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL)

With Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) listings, ActiveBatch users can leverage their existing ActiveBatch licenses to establish Job Schedulers, Execution Agents, and Web Console instances on AWS Marketplace resources, reducing the need for software installations and maintenance costs for physical hardware. Pay only for Amazon's highly reliable machine time, not for software time, when you BYOL. This allows IT to establish a dynamic, hybrid environment that can quickly scale resources to match demand.

Available BYOL Templates

For ActiveBatch V12 SP1 and higher.

ActiveBatch Job Scheduler

  • For External Database Server (All ActiveBatch supported database types including Amazon RDS, SQL Server, and Oracle Engines)
  • With Local SQL Server
  • With Local SQL Server Express

ActiveBatch Execution Agent

  • For Windows
  • For Amazon Linux
  • For SUSE
  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • For Ubuntu

ActiveBatch Web Console


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