ACES Boosts Its Workload Capacity by 1000%

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

ACES is an energy management company that helps its partners buy, sell, and manage energy across the United States. ACES faced a variety of issues stemming from its legacy automation solutions, including:
  • An inability to centrally manage processes, impacting ACES’ ability to monitor and distribute jobs across different servers and platforms;
  • A lack of notifications and auditing capabilities was adding considerable time to troubleshooting and management efforts;
  • Having to manually archive and manage files was taking time away from other long-term, high-value projects;
  • A complex, uncoordinated IT environment, further impacted by the IT skills gap, was limiting how many jobs could be run per day.

By The Numbers


ACES has been able to expand its daily job load from under 100 to over 1000 jobs per day, an increase of 1000%.


ACES reduced processing times from several hours to just minutes, accomplishing jobs 60 times faster.

ACES Implements ActiveBatch

ACES needed a workload automation solution that would enable users to monitor, manage, and orchestrate thousands of cross-platform workflows from a single source:
  • Job triggers allow ACES to process data immediately upon delivery, and to pass database parameters to various jobs;

  • Comprehensive alerts and triggers promote faster job execution with less downtime;

  • Built-in audit and security features that allow ACES to track and report on job execution;

  • Job logs allow users to easily send job information to auditors for compliance;

  • Access to workflows is segmented between operators and developers.

In Their Own Words

"With all of the processes we run in ActiveBatch, it wouldn’t surprise me if we are saving enough time to forego hiring another employee."

“With ActiveBatch, we can easily find the information in the log and send our auditors the information that is required for compliance.”

How ACES Succeeded with ActiveBatch

Reduced total processing times for tasks from several hours to several minutes.

Data and reports are exchanged between on-premises systems, cloud platforms, and with third-party vendors and customers.

System backups and data archiving have been automated, reducing manual processes.

ACES has significantly reduced wait times between jobs by using ActiveBatch to create and coordinate dynamic, event-driven workflows.

ACES is expanding the use of ActiveBatch as business needs evolve.

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