Ignite Technologies Orchestrates 250,000 Jobs Per Day with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

Ignite runs thousands of jobs through its datacenter, the logistical hub of its SaaS-based offerings. The IT department had been relying on custom scripts and Windows Task Scheduler in order to manage automated processes.


How Ignite Technologies Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • ActiveBatch’s event automation capabilities trigger workflows whenever a customer uploads data, making sure the data is quickly processed and stored in a secured database.
  • Ignite uses ActiveBatch to manage and monitor end-to-end processes across a variety of servers and databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Hyper-V.
  • Using ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, Ignite has set up a SQL database query job to collect the number of polls over the last 15 minutes.

By The Numbers


Ignite Technologies runs over 250,000 jobs a day using ActiveBatch, averaging a 99.9% success rate.


McDonald’s, a customer of Ignite Technologies, has over 14,000 stores that poll Ignite’s servers once an hour.

  • ActiveBatch immediately notifies IT personnel via email and phone whenever the SQL database query job returns a value that is less than the specified number within the job.
  • The IT team no longer has to shut down Windows Task Scheduler to troubleshoot issues or to revise its custom scripts, saving IT time and helping to ensure SLAs are always met.

In Their Own Words

“It’s about scalability, and ActiveBatch provides that. Could I go and write scripts for everything we want to do? Yes, but it would take forever and centrally managing the workflows would be nearly impossible. ActiveBatch provides us with that single point of control.”

“Each of McDonald’s 14,000 stores will poll our servers once an hour to see if new content is available for download. If we have something go down on our end, we won’t be able to accept polls from customers, and that’s a big problem.”

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