PHC Implements ActiveBatch

PHC had recently replaced its legacy applications with a UNIX platform and was moving from COBOL to multiple languages that supported UNIX. A script-language independent scheduler was therefore required in order to simplify and coordinate IT’s evolving environment:

  • PHC replaced its collection of COBOL scripts with script-language independent ActiveBatch job steps, allowing PHC to develop end-to-end workflows across disparate technologies;
  • With ActiveBatch, PHC turned thousands of lines of custom script into reusable job steps that can be used to build reliable workflows faster and with fewer errors;
  • ActiveBatch’s Operations View delivers real-time information on all jobs that have run, are running, or are scheduled to run;
  • ActiveBatch’s Reference Functionality allows PHC to reuse job templates that, when modified, pass those modifications to all jobs that reference it, making workflow changes quick and seamless while reducing manual errors.