PrimeSource Completes ETL Processes 89.5% Faster with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

PrimeSource is one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America. But a reliance on legacy systems was making it difficult to keep up with changing business needs and to incorporate new technologies, among other problems:

  • The legacy scheduling solution was unable to integrate with key platforms and applications, preventing data and dependencies from passing between systems;
  • Without a single viewing pane to monitor processes from across the enterprise, the IT team had to rely on manual tracking that made it difficult to troubleshoot issues;
  • An inability to coordinate multiple disparate systems was making it difficult to design and manage end-to-end workflows, slowing down the Operations team;
  • Vital business operations relied on manual processes that were time-intensive and error-prone, causing revenue loss and straining IT’s resources.

By The Numbers


By running ETL processes through ActiveBatch, PrimeSource reduced its processing times from 9.5 hours to just 1 hour, a reduction of almost 90%.


With ActiveBatch, PrimeSource was able to fully automate its invoices, saving employees 20 hours a week.

PrimeSource Implements ActiveBatch

PrimeSource needed an enterprise automation solution that could integrate with an SAP ERP system and a new Windows environment. With ActiveBatch’s prebuilt Job Steps and integrations, PrimeSource was able to manage its processes from a single source:

  • PrimeSource uses ActiveBatch to design, manage, and coordinate a variety of processes from four separate teams, simplifying the IT environment and saving resources;
  • Certified integrations for SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS) and NetWeaver allowed PrimeSource to automate and manage dependencies between SAP systems;
  • Prebuilt Job Steps were used to automate and orchestrate inventory processes, procurement, accounting, and more, streamlining company operations.

In Their Own Words

“With ActiveBatch, everything is exposed in one place. We can coordinate between four different teams and put dependencies where they are needed, while having one single viewing pane to monitor all of our dependent processes.”

“ActiveBatch fit very elegantly into our Windows-centric environment, allowing us to do things like monitor different services on different servers and automatically restart jobs if they go down.”

“The software is rock solid; it’s always been reliable. I think we’ve barely tapped into what we can do with it.”

“It’s easy to install, easy to configure, and the sessions I’ve done with the Technical Support team have made it very easy to get things up and running in production.”

How PrimeSource Succeeded with ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch’s comprehensive alerting capabilities allows PrimeSource to quickly address issues, improving customer billing times and reducing the loss of revenue.

PrimeSource has used ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, with hundreds of prebuilt job steps, to create and monitor every single one of its SAP jobs.

ActiveBatch’s Change Management system ensures a highly reliable and error-free approach to synchronizing and managing objects across various environments.

With ActiveBatch monitoring overnight processes and automatically restarting workflows from the point of failure, the IT team no longer has to manually check processes at 2 a.m.

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