SAP Fieldglass Seamlessly Manages 80+ Environments with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

As the number of non-production environments continued to grow, Fieldglass needed a scalable solution that could help them manage, monitor, and synchronize dozens of environments. Part of the problem was that senior staff members relied on scripts, native job schedulers, and manual triggers, making transformation difficult to achieve.

How SAP Fieldglass Succeeds with ActiveBatch

“With four major releases and several service packs per year, we’re constantly creating and changing our nonproduction environments for testing, demonstrations, and pilot projects. And that means a lot of data and code deployments.”
  • By using ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, the IT team is able to quickly develop reliable workflows without having to write error-prone, time-consuming scripts.
  • When building new jobs, Fieldglass uses ActiveBatch’s Reference Functionality to mimic the logic of template jobs, and to quickly pass changes from the template job to hundreds of jobs that reference it, accelerating development and maintenance.

By The Numbers


Fieldglass uses ActiveBatch to run, manage, and monitor over 80 non-production environments.


Customized tests for Fieldglass’s customers require 24/7 availability for dozens of non-production environments.

  • Fieldglass uses ActiveBatch Variables to pass data downstream between jobs, across workflows, and throughout the business process.
  • Fieldglass uses the ActiveBatch API to run a webpage that links to job triggers for each of Fieldglass’s environments, allowing non-IT users to easily trigger and monitor jobs.
  • With ActiveBatch’s powerful features and capabilities, Fieldglass has been able to manage dozens of continuously updated non-production development environments.

In Their Own Words

“ActiveBatch serves as the on-demand triggering mechanism to a very large, less technical audience. It puts the trigger in their hands and allows them to monitor jobs in real-time without getting involved in the difficulties associated with the actual code deployment.”

“Advanced Systems Concepts’ tech support is one of the best support teams I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying a lot. They know exactly what steps to take, any time we call. As Fieldglass is constantly striving to provide the best possible service to our customers, we are pleased to work with a vendor who clearly thinks likewise.”

“ActiveBatch’s library eliminates virtually all of the tedious housekeeping scripts we would have to write —and once the workflow is set, it’s done the same way every time.”

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