SM Energy Centralizes Automated Processes Across the Enterprise with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

SM Energy is a publicly traded exploration and production company with over 100 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As the company grew, IT was having difficulties managing its growing environment.

The IT team was relying on Windows Task Scheduler and SQL Server to schedule processes.

There were too many tasks and processes running in too many different systems and applications, leading to an increase in issues and response times.

A lack of visibility and control was causing failed jobs to go unnoticed across IT's decentralized environment.

By The Numbers


SM Energy runs over 4,000 jobs per day with a 99.9% success rate.


By automating manual processes, employees at SM Energy save 60 hours a month.

SM Energy Implements ActiveBatch

Using ActiveBatch’s Active Directory integration, SM Energy groups users according to specific functional use, ensuring proper authorizations and preventing unauthorized access to critical jobs and objects.

SM Energy uses ActiveBatch's SharePoint extension to streamline Month End Close operations in the accounting department.

Financial and data warehousing processes are automated using ActiveBatch's integrations for SAP NetWeaver and BODS, enabling IT to manage and monitor an array of processes without the complexity of additional schedulers and automation tools.

Using ActiveBatch's prebuilt PowerShell Job Steps and built-in change management system, SM Energy automates the
migration of jobs from QA to Testing, and then from Testing into Production.

In Their Own Words

“Anything that is repeatable can be done through ActiveBatch. And that’s our goal because it can do everything. I have not encountered a job yet that we haven’t been able to automate.”

“We’re able to literally pull up various views like Operations View or actual Job Editor views in ActiveBatch, and show auditors the process from top to bottom... It really simplifies the whole process for a publicly audited company like us.”

“We strive to use ActiveBatch as our single pane of glass: a single and authoritative source to be able to know exactly what is running, when, how, and why, and to be able to control the behavior and security of it in every way shape or form.”

“It’s so uniform, and we’re able to reproduce the production environment in a pre-production state, so the developers can basically see what their code will do before they even go through user testing.”

"Right away people started using the Integrated Jobs Library and ActiveBatch logic. Instead of having to manually code things like ‘Try Catch’ or error handling for SharePoint, they were able to use the logic and triggering capabilities of ActiveBatch.”

SM Energy Succeeds with ActiveBatch

SM Energy runs roughly 4,000 jobs a day in their Production environment with a 99.9% success rate.

Jobs restart from points of failure immediately, saving time troubleshooting instead of manually scripting error handling into jobs.

ActiveBatch's audit framework, customized reporting, and in-depth views streamline compliance with public and internal requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley.

Using ActiveBatch, SM Energy has been able to build a much more centralized environment with 360-degree visibility.

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