SThree Automates 99% of its BYOD Provisioning Requests

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

SThree wasn’t always a global recruiting giant. They once relied on Windows Task Scheduler until business demands and an increasingly complex IT environment prompted calls for an IT Automation solution that could help drive SThree’s global expansion:
  • An inability to coordinate a complex environment with 24/7 availability and a lack of granular scheduling were impacting SThree’s expansion into new time zones;
  • SThree’s manual, script-driven processes were too time-consuming to scale as the business expanded;
  • A new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program for employees was burdening IT with manual provisioning requests;
  • The IT team needed a cross-platform automation solution that would integrate well with the variety of technologies that the business relied on.

By The Numbers


SThree runs over 250,000 instances per day using ActiveBatch.


SThree automates 99% of its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) provisioning requests.

SThree Implements ActiveBatch

As SThree expanded its business across different continents, several ActiveBatch capabilities became essential for day-to-day operations and business and IT processes:

  • ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, with hundreds of prebuilt integrations, enabled SThree to build end-to-end workflows that incorporated disparate technologies from across the enterprise;
  • SThree used ActiveBatch’s out-of-the-box integrations for Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory to automate onboarding and off-boarding processes;
  • SThree used ActiveBatch to automate provisioning for its BYOD program, enabling greater flexibility and a level of service that was impossible with manual processes.

In Their Own Words

“ActiveBatch is part of our landscape for the long term. The vast majority of our automation strategy is around exploiting ActiveBatch. It’s extremely powerful.”

“Our processes are scalable so if we doubled the size of our organization, the existing ActiveBatch environment and associated support staff could handle the growth.”

“The Integrated Jobs Library has been fantastic for expanding our automation scripts, making it easy to pass variable information between APIs.”

“ActiveBatch is a tool that we can use to integrate with those different technologies and join them up to deliver an end-to-end seamless service.”

“ASCI’s support has always been incredibly helpful when we’ve raised any support queries, helping us to grow in our understanding of the Jobs Library Job Steps and how we can use them to get the best outcomes.”

How SThree Succeeded with ActiveBatch

Cross-platform, end-to-end workflows that are monitored and managed through a single GUI, simplifying workload orchestration and workflow development.

SThree hasn’t amended its initial ActiveBatch configuration because ActiveBatch’s scalable framework continues to seamlessly support the company’s expansion.

Prebuilt Job Steps and drag-and-drop workflow designer allow SThree to seamlessly automate business and IT processes before deployment, saving IT time and resources.

Thanks to efficiencies realized through ActiveBatch IT Automation, IT operations has expanded with the business without needing to onboard additional personnel.

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