How Türkiye Finans Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • Türkiye has used ActiveBatch to turn .NET assemblies, PowerShell scripts, web services, and more, into reusable job steps that simplify the retrieval of financial data from numerous disparate sources.
  • ActiveBatch provides hundreds of prebuilt job steps, allowing Türkiye Finans to reliably execute SQL Server jobs across multiple machines without having to individually schedule each job, saving IT hours of manual work.
  • The ActiveBatch integration for Systems Center Operations Manager allows Türkiye to centrally monitor the performance and health of ActiveBatch —and to receive ActiveBatch Alerts— from within SCOM, improving Türkiye’s resolution times.
  • Türkiye has rapidly expanded its virtual environment by managing VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V from a single ActiveBatch window, including creating, deleting, and provisioning virtual machines.