Vero Skatt Manages 6 Separate Environments with a Single Point of Control

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

Vero Skatt, the Finnish tax agency, relied on a homegrown batch management system and Windows Task Scheduler to automate thousands of batch processes each week. These tools lacked many modern scheduling capabilities, impacting operations and driving up costs:
  • Vero Skatt didn’t have a central point of control for its six environments, complicating management and making transformation almost impossible, while posing security concerns;
  • A lack of event automation and an inability to chain related jobs across systems meant Vero Skatt couldn’t build end-to-end workflows without extensive scripting;
  • Expanding Vero Skatt’s homegrown solution to accommodate growing workloads was prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.


By The Numbers


The number of environments, each running workloads on separate resources, that Vero Skatt manages and monitors with ActiveBatch.


Vero Skatt uses ActiveBatch’s collection of over 30 alerts and alert objects to help streamline their operations.

Vero Skatt Implements ActiveBatch

Vero Skatt decided to migrate to ActiveBatch because it supported Windows, OpenVMS, UNIX, and Linux, and because ActiveBatch would enable them to manage and monitor multiple environments, implement granular security policies, integrate with Active Directory, and more:

  • Integration with Active Directory (AD) enables the use of AD accounts within ActiveBatch, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the IT automation environment;
  • ActiveBatch’s Change Management feature is used to synchronize and manage objects across multiple environments;
  • Reference objects allow users to pass changes from master jobs to hundreds of thousands of jobs, accelerating workflow development and maintenance without custom scripts.
  • ActiveBatch training facilitated Vero Skatt’s transition to ActiveBatch IT Automation, accelerating ROI.

In Their Own Words

“ActiveBatch allows for more diverse and more complex batch runs. With ActiveBatch, we’ve been able to reduce manual work/problem solving and significantly decrease the amount of custom scripting we do.”

“ActiveBatch has reduced the need for manual labor, and consequently, improved the efficiency of IT operations. There has been a noticeable difference in the amount of manual work required in our Operations.”

“We have found ActiveBatch to be very useful and we feel like we’ve gotten exactly what we were looking for in an automation product. We’re very happy with the product, its features, performance, and support services and have realized a lower cost of operations as a result.”

“The desired features have worked like a charm. As know-how has increased, we’re finding new ways and new applications for utilizing ActiveBatch.”

How Vero Skatt Succeeded with ActiveBatch

Six environments, running workloads on separate resources, are automated, managed, and monitored through a single point of control.

Granular user permissions have allowed Vero Skatt to limit user/group access to specific applications, preventing unauthorized access and improving security.

Improved compliance with internal and external audit and control requirements.

Large reductions in manual processes, troubleshooting, and custom scripting.

Multiple workflow views and drag-and-drop workflow designer have made it easier for Vero Skatt to develop “more diverse and more complex” processes.

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