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Coordinate & Consolidate

Take an architectural approach to automation with one unified, cross-platform IT automation and job scheduling solution.

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The Rising Complexity of Today's IT Environments
Let's face it, your job isn't getting any easier. New applications and technologies need configuring, systems require constant updates and fixes, and business is becoming increasingly digital, requiring more reliance on IT than ever before. 

To add to this, over the years IT organizations have implemented platform or department-specific automation tools, resulting in a “siloed” approach to IT automation. For example, organizations may use automation systems contained in applications such as Informatica, SAP,  Microsoft Dynamics AX, and others as well as a  job scheduling tool for batch processes, a runbook automation tool for IT operations, and another tool for FTP and data transfer processes. However, most business processes are increasingly multi-platform, spanning dozens of applications and technologies.

The Elemental Approach to IT Automation
Trying to manage the avalanche of complexity with multiple scheduling tools or custom scripts just isn’t cutting it. You spend more time manually managing your silos of automation and scripts than you do actually automating processes and innovating. 

What you really need is a single point of control that will allow you to both coordinate exisiting application automation tools, consolidate other automation tools, and address all of your "end-to-end" automation needs.

That's Where ActiveBatch Comes In
ActiveBatch is an enterprise IT Automation and job Scheduling software solution that helps organizations coordinate, consolidate, and centralize their IT environments with a single point of control. Instead of having islands of automation consisting of multiple scheduling tools, each with their own licensing and support costs, as well as individual experts for each tool, ActiveBatch offers one unified, cross-platform solution that reduces overall costs and simplifies business and IT processes. As a result, IT organizations become more agile and can meet the changing needs of today's businesses.

Integrated Jobs Library
The Integrated Jobs Library
The Integrated Jobs Library offers hundreds of pre-built Job Steps to reduce the need for custom scripting so you can easily build end-to-end workflows and manage dependencies between disparate technologies and applications. 


API Accessibility API Accessibility
ActiveBatch's Service Library offers full API accessibility with support for REST, WSDLS, .NET Assemblies, Command Lines, and more. Simply load an application's API into ActiveBatch, and the methods included in the application will immediately become visible and reusable in any workflow.


Map ViewMap View Map View is a dynamic graphical display and development environment that helps users build and automate workflows in half the time.



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