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Gantt View

Improve time to insight and troubleshooting with Gantt View's graphical display of workflow execution and dependencies.

Gantt View combines time-of-day, elapsed time and workflow relationships in one view.

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Gantt View
Improved Insight into Workflow Execution
Gantt View improves users’ insight into workflow execution and workflow relationships with intelligent analytics. Through a timeline visualization, instances are shown by time of day, allowing users to monitor a workflow’s execution, duration, and its completion status.

Job/Plan shapes are shown based on how long the individually scheduled jobs or plans executed so users can easily see how long the overall workflow took to run and compare which jobs took the longest. This provides users with improved insight into the execution status so they can better optimize their automation environment. 

Gantt View - SLA
Graphical Display with Simple Drill Down
Gantt View also features a graphical display of all related Job and Plan activity and relationships so users can easily drill-down into individual objects and view dependencies between jobs and plans.


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