Scheduling Analytics

Optimize resources and improve SLA success rates with ActiveBatch's dynamic scheduling analytics capabilities.

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ActiveBatch allows users to optimize their resources while scheduling and executing workloads to ensure that Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and business deadlines are met. Scheduling Analytics combines historical and predictive analyses by measuring behavioral insight such as historical workflow performance, resource availability and capacity, and upcoming workload schedules, to make predictions about possible future workflow execution times and durations.

Scheduling Analytics Features

  • SLA Monitor: concerned with workflows and Jobs that have been marked as SLA-sensitive, this view provides a single place in which users can observe SLA statistics as well as summary and detailed information concerning SLA-tied workflows and Jobs.

  • Analysis Dashboard: provides access to OLAP-generated dashboards and reports for easy display and analysis.

  • Critical Path Analysis: provides statistics about workflow runtimes and SLA satisfaction rates as well as real-time critical path analytics as workflows are executing.

  • Quick-Access Summary Views: display information concerning Managed Queues and SLA-marked Plans and Jobs.

  • Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA): uses machine learning algorithms to analyze historical instance data, determining the optimal allocation of future Execution Queues.

  • Dynamic, User-Defined Queue Characteristics: evaluate multiple machines to determine the Execution Queue that is best suited for each Job, based on specific, user-defined characteristics.

ActiveBatch Smart Queue

ActiveBatch Smart Queue will dynamically scale virtual/cloud resources up or down based on real-time demands and historical analysis of past scheduling periods. IT teams can optimize their virtual/cloud environments by provisioning resources only when needed and deprovisioning idle resources. This helps IT minimize costs and saves IT time by automating the management of these resources.

Additionally, Scheduling Analytic tools interact with ActiveBatch's Smart Queue to ensure that virtual and cloud-based systems are appropriately provisioned. ActiveBatch's ability to intelligently automate the provisioning and allocation of resources to ensure the successful completion of workflows is critical to reducing the cost of IT operations.

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