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Rest Adapter

Create lightweight, dynamic end-to-end workflows with ActiveBatch's unique support for RESTful Services. 

Rest Adapter

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REST Adapter- Service Library

Drag-and-Drop REST methods as Job Steps
ActiveBatch fully supports RESTful Services by providing users with the ability to create pre-built, templated Job Steps using REST as the foundation. Using the REST adapter interface, REST methods are consumed, extracted, and exposed as Job Steps within the Integrated Jobs Library, allowing users to simply fill in whatever data is required without the need for scripting.

Once the specific REST Service Library is created, it can be associated with one or more plans, workflow, or process so users can derive all the benefits of REST methods as Job Steps, and simply drag and drop those steps to create end-to-end workflows comprising various technologies and applications.

REST Adapter- Job
Reuse, Rather than Rewrite
This kind of reusability also improves ease of use for both developers and non-developers. Once a RESTful Service Library object is created, non-developers can easily leverage the REST Job Steps contained in that object and reuse them in any number of workflows without having any knowledge of REST methods. 

ActiveBatch also provides a “raw” REST Job Step that can be used on a one-off basis when reusability is not a necessity. 

REST - Job StepsExtending Accessibility with ActiveBatch's Service Library
ActiveBatch IT Automation’s REST Adapter is part of the 
ActiveBatch Service Library, which allows users to create reusable Job Steps from various sources including WSDLs, SOAP Web Services, .NET Assemblies, Stored Procedures, and CLI, without requiring any custom coding


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