Amazon EC2 Scheduling Extension

Automate the provisioning and management of Amazon EC2 scheduling instances with ActiveBatch’s EC2 Extension.

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A Centralized Approach to Provisioning EC2 Instances 

IT organizations can combine dynamic workload automation with the power and flexibility of cloud computing with ActiveBatch's Amazon EC2 Extension. This Extension allows users to automate the provisioning and management of Amazon EC2 Scheduling Instances within workflows that can manage other applications, databases, and systems, all from within the centralized interface of ActiveBatch.

The extension for Amazon EC2 provides users with over 60 Job Steps to automate various Amazon EC2 tasks, including the provisioning and de-provisioning of EC2 machines, the management of individual or groups of instances based on pricing parameters, security tasks, rebooting, synchronizing or terminating instances, and much more. These Job Steps are designed to provide users with a broad range of automation capabilities: developers can build workflows that automatically provision and de-provision Amazon resources based on the execution and completion of workflows.

By combining ActiveBatch's event automation capabilities with Amazon EC2, an IT organization can reduce operating expenses by dynamically provisioning and managing cloud server resources for improved workload execution.

Just-in-Time Provisioning with Smart Queue

ActiveBatch also supports the automated provisioning of Amazon EC2 instances. Rather than manually building Amazon EC2 Job Steps into individual ActiveBatch workflows, users can leverage ActiveBatch's Smart Queue, which automatically provisions EC2 instances based on parameters and thresholds established by the user. This guarantees that workflows tied to SLAs are met by ensuring sufficient resources are allocated for scheduled workloads. 

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Amazon EC2 Datasheet.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace Templates

Looking for information on ActiveBatch Amazon Web Services Marketplace Templates? Please visit the ActiveBatch | AWS Marketplace page to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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