ActiveBatch Informatica Cloud Integration

Integrate data across cloud-based applications as well as on-premises systems with the ActiveBatch Informatica Cloud Extension

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ActiveBatch Informatica Integration Overview

Built-in schedulers make it difficult to go beyond the automation basics, PMCMD isn’t easy to use, and custom scripting is time-consuming and error-prone. PowerCenter and Cloud users are looking for a better way to easily automate your workflows end-to-end. And that’s why there’s ActiveBatch.

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See how ActiveBatch transforms Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud automation.

Build End-to-End Workflows with Informatica Cloud Job StepsActiveBatch provides prebuilt Job Steps for Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter

ActiveBatch’s extension for Informatica Cloud extends Informatica users’ ability to leverage powerful workload automation capabilities such
as policies, alerts, and audits for Informatica tasks and workflows. In addition to ActiveBatch's support for PowerCenter, ActiveBatch users can integrate data across cloud-based workflows and applications and on-premises systems using Informatica Cloud Job Steps in order to create complex end-to-end workflows.

ActiveBatch’s advanced workload automation capabilities provide users with the ability to support the reliable execution of Informatica Cloud tasks with other sophisticated business processes occurring outside of Informatica Cloud without having to write any custom code.

Access Full Log Files in Informatica Cloud

ActiveBatch also gives users the ability to access full logs rather than a limited log file as is customary in Informatica Cloud. This extension contains 12 Job Steps to help simplify ETL processes and automate cloud tasks


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Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud Datasheet

The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud helps users integrate and automate ETL, data warehousing, and BI workloads into automated, repeatable processes that deliver a high degree of visibility and control over all steps in  ETL and BI processes.

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What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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