ActiveBatch Informatica Job Scheduler Cloud Integration

Seamlessly integrate Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter processes with other technologies, applications, and environments with ActiveBatch’s drag-and-drop Job Steps.

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ActiveBatch Informatica Integration Overview

Informatica Cloud’s native scheduler is built specifically to schedule only Informatica processes. PMCMD scripting is highly complex, and custom scripting is time-consuming and error-prone. PowerCenter and Cloud users need a better way to easily automate their workflows end-to-end. And that’s why there’s ActiveBatch: to help users implement advanced scheduling and workflow management across cloud-based and on-premise systems. The result? Less manual intervention and more IT agility.

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See how ActiveBatch transforms Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud automation.

Build End-to-End Workflows with Informatica Cloud Job StepsActiveBatch provides prebuilt Job Steps for Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter

ActiveBatch’s extension for Informatica Cloud helps users leverage powerful workload automation capabilities such as policies, alerts, and audits for Informatica tasks and workflows. In addition to ActiveBatch's support for Informatica PowerCenter, ActiveBatch users can integrate data across cloud-based workflows, applications, and on-premises systems using Informatica Cloud Job Steps to create complex end-to-end workflows.

ActiveBatch’s advanced workload automation capabilities support the reliable execution of Informatica Cloud tasks with other sophisticated business processes with no need to write any custom code.

Access Full Log Files in Informatica Cloud

ActiveBatch provides the ability to access full logs rather than a limited log file as is customary in Informatica Cloud. This extension contains 12 Job Steps to help simplify ETL processes and automate cloud tasks.

The ActiveBatch Advantage

ActiveBatch’s core features enable many proactive abilities for Informatica Scheduler users, including:

  • Built-in runtime monitoring that proactively monitors a job’s progress and sends a notification if the job runs longer than expected based on historical average runtimes
  • Automated complex pathways ensure dependencies between systems are met prior to downstream processing
  • Ability to dynamically set runtime parameters
  • Simplified event-based scheduling requirements
  • Easily implement your method of APIs and reuse code from the Integrated Jobs Library
ActiveBatch Resource

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud Datasheet

The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud helps users integrate and automate ETL, data warehousing, and BI workloads into automated, repeatable processes that deliver a high degree of visibility and control over all steps in ETL and BI processes.

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What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL tool that extracts, transforms, and loads data. Informatica communicates with all major data sources such as mainframe, XML, SAP, and more. Informatica can access, transform, and integrate data across many systems.
After admins complete initialization of the PowerCenter environment, users with the correct permissions can use Informatica to schedule workflows and configure scheduler settings manually. The list of PowerCenter workflows and jobs scheduled will be available on PowerCenter Repository Services. The PowerCenter repository stores and manages these schedules so admins can define, modify, and manage data integration execution. Discover all the capabilities of the ActiveBatch Informatica PowerCenter integration.

ActiveBatch has a robust integration service with many tools, including Teradata, IBM’s PureData System (Netezza), Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server, Oracle, and more. It’s all in our ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library and ActiveBatch extensions. Explore the breadth of our Integrated Jobs Library.

Informatica itself has some requirements, including an operating system that is Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 server, Linux operating system versions that support the JCM, application and selected database services Informatica supports for Process Server use, Solaris 10, Unix HP-UX 11i v3, AIX 5.3 and 6.1, and Mac OS 10.6 64-bit or higher. Investigate the full range of ActiveBatch integrations and extensions.

ActiveBatch support is available whenever you need it, whether you need help with configuring or setup. Our in-house experts are always ready to help troubleshoot and resolve your issues. We also offer ActiveBatch certifications with training on demand to ensure you can maximize your use of ActiveBatch. Learn about our dedication to customer support.

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