Informatica PowerCenter Extension

Eliminate the complexity of PMCMD scripting with ActiveBatch’s Extension for Informatica PowerCenter.

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Simplify PowerCenter Scheduling with Enterprise IT Automation

ActiveBatch offers Informatica PowerCenter users a unique approach to automation that eliminates the complexity of PMCMD and custom scripting. The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library offers prebuilt, templated Job Steps that can be dragged and dropped to build and simplify the automation of existing workflows, new workflows, and tasks.

ActiveBatch's powerful IT Automation engine simplifies PowerCenter scheduling and offers capabilities beyond the native Informatica PowerCenter scheduler so users can build workflows into end-to-end processes without the need for custom scripting. 

Transform your PowerCenter Automation by:

  • Implementing complex event and date / time scheduling
  • Dynamically setting parameters at run time
  • Triggering workflows sourced in and across multiple folders
  • Setting constraints to wait for files being closed before starting dependent workflows or actions such as FTP
  • Building end-to-end workflows that pass data and manage dependencies with non-PowerCenter systems
  • Integrating with Teradata, IBM’s PureData System (Netezza), SQL Server, Oracle, and more, as part of the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library and ActiveBatch Extensions

ActiveBatch's core scheduling capabilities include robust alerting, event triggers, and file constraints to ensure that only files that are closed are FTP’d or used for downstream processing, monitoring, audits, SLAs, and more.

Advanced Systems Concepts - Long-time Informatica Partner and make of ActiveBatch IT Automation

With ActiveBatch you can:

  • Make Informatica PowerCenter ETL automation simpler, faster, and more reliable
  • Monitor and action Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet expected completion requirements
  • Manage and control large amounts of data across different IT systems to ensure the on-time delivery of accurate reports
  • Easily automate and integrate Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Processes, such as Reporting (e.g. Cognos, MicroStrategy, Crystal Reports, etc) within end-to-end workflows

The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica PowerCenter is part of the Informatica Marketplace and has received the Informatica Seal of Approval. The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica PowerCenter is separately licensed as part of the Integrated Jobs Library.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica PowerCenter Datasheet.

"ActiveBatch Automation has greatly simplified our Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence batch processing."
- Data Warehouse Operations Analyst, Miscellaneous Industry

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