Oracle EBS Extension

Automate Oracle EBS processes with prebuilt Job Steps from ActiveBatch’s comprehensive Integrated Jobs Library.

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Build and Automate End-to-End Workflows Across Oracle and non-Oracle Applications

The ActiveBatch Extension for Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) provides a single point of control for scheduling and automating Oracle EBS processes and integrating them throughout your IT environment. Rather than relying on the limited functionality of Oracle EBS' native scheduler, Concurrent Manager, ActiveBatch provides business users and developers with advanced scheduling, event automation, and monitoring capabilities to more easily build and automate end-to-end workflows that pass data and manage dependencies between Oracle EBS and other applications, databases, and technologies.

ActiveBatch not only supports Oracle EBS, but also supports other Oracle systems and process types, including Oracle database, PeopleSoft, PL/SQL stored procedures, Java stored procedures, and more, thus providing an IT organization with a single solution for automating Oracle processes end-to-end. For example, organizations can use ActiveBatch to construct a workflow that runs an Import or Export job on an Oracle database or call upon a PL/SQL stored procedure, and based upon its completion, run an Oracle EBS process. 

ActiveBatch supports the triggering of Plans and/or Jobs through a non-invasive Oracle Database Event facility. This facility will allow a customer to specify an event when an Oracle table is changed through an Insert, Update, or Delete. The operation can be further refined based on table fields as part of the event specification.

The ActiveBatch Extension for Oracle EBS is separately licensed as part of the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library. 

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Oracle EBS Datasheet.

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