ActiveBatch Oracle Database Scheduling

Create end-to-end workflows between Oracle and other applications with ActiveBatch's prebuilt Job Steps

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Advanced Automation Capabilities for Oracle Jobs

Extend your automation capabilities for Oracle with ActiveBatch's production-ready Job Steps. Using ActiveBatch's library of Job Steps, Oracle users can easily drag-and-drop common Oracle database functions into complex business and IT workflows spanning Oracle and non-Oracle technologies, applications, and databases. 

The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library support for Oracle includes:

  • Start Job

  • Import / Export

  • Connect / Disconnect

  • Get Job Status

  • Synchronize Job

  • Pl-SQL Block

Using ActiveBatch's production-ready Job Steps for Oracle, all of ActiveBatch's advanced scheduling capabilities can be leveraged for Oracle jobs. As a result, Oracle processes can be enhanced and incorporated into "end-to-end" workflows that include various IT and business processes without the need to create or maintain custom scripts.

ActiveBatch supports running Oracle jobs on its server or on other systems running the Oracle client. In addition, ActiveBatch provides both agent and agent-less access to Oracle systems for invoking tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Job chaining across multiple Oracle systems with the ability to easily manage many Oracle jobs and workflows

  • Single point of scheduling to integrate Oracle jobs with other jobs steps from the Integrated Jobs Library

  • Pass information from Oracle databases to other servers, databases, or applications without custom script creation

  • Event Triggers for Oracle Databases that support the initiation of ActiveBatch jobs and workflows to execute on the insertion, update, or deletion of information

  • Improve reliability through ActiveBatch non-cluster failover, checkpoint restarts, and workload balancing

  • Integrate file, resource, and variable constraints with Oracle jobs to reduce errors and ensure accuracy

  • Customizable and flexible alerting for Oracle jobs to ensure data is up to date and reliable

ActiveBatch improves the automation and integration of Oracle with other Oracle or non-Oracle jobs, scripts and applications into workflows, resulting in improved service levels and a reduced total cost of operations.  


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