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Today, IT Operations requires the ability to monitor the essential processes and technologies in order to support and maintain the business while managing user expectations. The ActiveBatch Management Pack for Zenoss does exactly that; allowing network administrators to maintain a comprehensive and unified view of network activity by combining an enterprise class, open source monitoring solution like Zenoss with a leading, job scheduling and workload automation platform like ActiveBatch.

The ActiveBatch Management Pack for Zenoss allows network and IT operations staff to centrally monitor the performance and health of ActiveBatch Jobs, Plans, and Queues in addition to monitoring the services for the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler and Execution Agents by allowing your Zenoss Server to inquire about the health of ActiveBatch Objects. This includes mission critical workflows that include the failures of Jobs, Plans, and Queues. In addition, the Management Pack also provides important information regarding memory usage, CPU, number of open files and threads, etc., of any ActiveBatch Execution Agent.

ActiveBatch and Zenoss jointly support Linux, UNIX, Windows, and other systems. By integrating ActiveBatch into the Zenoss monitoring dashboard, users are assured of prompt alerts and faster resolution. For example, when an alert is raised for an ActiveBatch Plan, Job, Queue, or service, the Zenoss console will alert network operations members with detailed information for a timely response that lowers time-to-resolution and improves overall service levels.

ActiveBatch currently provides a free installation kit for Zenoss/ActiveBatch users that simplifies the configuration of the Zenoss server and allows for the monitoring of the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler and Execution Agents for Linux, Unix and Windows. To monitor ActiveBatch Objects, including Jobs, Plans, and Queues, in addition to ActiveBatch services, requires the ActiveBatch Management Pack for Zenoss, which is separately licensed.

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