Licensing and Scalability

ActiveBatch’s licensing model makes deployment simple and cost-effective for configurations of all types, sizes, and expansions

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Flexible Pricing for Seamless Scalability

With a straightforward licensing model, organizations can easily expand their use of automation to capture an ever-growing return-on-investment.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation Core License

Pricing based on number of scheduling environments and execution servers.

Unlimited Workflows
Reliably build and automate enterprise-wide without job limits or per-job pricing.
Unlimited Runs
Execute workflows based on events, schedules, intervals, constraints, and more, with no caps.
Unlimited Users and Client Installs
ActiveBatch Console can be installed on unlimited machines and used by unlimited users at your company.
Any Deployment Type
Deploy ActiveBatch on-premises, in the cloud, AWS Marketplace, or any hybrid combination.
Any Execution Machine
Physical or virtual machine specifications or hardware don't impact your software costs. Central management of local and remote agents simplifies administration.
Low-Code API Accessibility
Easily integrate with virtually any application or technology with an API or web service.
Hundreds of No-Code Workflow Actions
Build and automate jobs in half the time with intuitive, self-documenting workflow actions.
Product Technical Support
In-house phone and email support. 98.08% customer satisfaction rating.
ActiveBatch Academy Product Training
Role-based online courses and user certification program.

- Expand and Optimize Your Implementation -

Bundle for even greater savings or expand and optimize over time.

Prebuilt integrations for third-party software | Web Console interface | Self-Service Portal interface | Mobile Ops (iOS and Android) | High Availability Non-Cluster Failover | Monitoring Add-Ins: SCOM, Nagios, Zenoss

Enterprise-Grade Automation Tools Included with All Plans

Alerting and Remediation Alerting and Remediation
  • Context-aware alerts
  • SLA Management
  • Auto-remediate at-risk jobs
Reporting and Analytics Reporting and Analytics
  • Job instance reporting
  • Object template reporting
  • Real-time monitoring
Auditing and Security Auditing and Security
  • Granular permissioning
  • Audit trails and custom policies
  • Multi-factor authentication
Change Management Change Management
  • Promote and migrate objects
  • Revision history and rollbacks
  • Perform custom transformations
Managed File Transfer Managed File Transfer
  • Secure transfers: SFTP / FTPS
  • Specialized credential type
  • FTP file event job trigger
Intelligent Job Placement Intelligent Job Placement
  • Cut slack time and bottlenecks
  • Continuous machine learning
  • Supports any number of servers
Virtual Root Virtual Root
  • Segment virtual access points
  • Separate users and departments
  • Share centrally managed objects
Programmatic Interfaces Programmatic Interfaces
  • PowerShell module
  • Command line interfaces
Hundreds of Automation Features Hundreds of Features
ActiveBatch Resource

Deloitte Insights

A Deloitte report discovered that, over the next three years, executives expect automation to increase their workforce capacity by 27%, equivalent to 2.4 million extra full time employees.

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