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Flexible Licensing for Seamless Scalability

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ActiveBatch’s framework and licensing model make implementation simple and cost-effective for deployments of all types, sizes, and expansions. With a straightforward licensing model, organizations are free to expand their use of automation – without boundaries – to capture an ever-growing return-on-investment.

While ActiveBatch pricing is configuration-dependent, a few things remain true for deployments of all types and sizes:

What's Included in the ActiveBatch Core License

  • Unlimited workflows: Reliably build and automate enterprise-wide without Job limits or per-Job pricing.
  • Unlimited runs: Execute workflows based on events, schedules, intervals, constraints, and more, with no caps.
  • Unlimited users and clients: ActiveBatch grows with your organization; the ActiveBatch Console application can be installed on an unlimited number of machines and used by an unlimited number of users at your organization.
  • Any implementation type: Deploy ActiveBatch on-premises, in a public or private cloud, AWS Marketplace, multi-cloud, or any hybrid combination under the standard license.
  • Any execution machine: Numbers of processors, memory, virtual machine specifications, or other machine hardware doesn't impact your software costs.
  • Industry add-ins, included out-of-the-box:
    • Library of hundreds of prebuilt, pretested, production-ready Job Steps for commonly scripted actions and functions; simply drag-and-drop to assemble end-to-end workflows
    • Comprehensive alerting, notifications, and environment monitoring
    • Auditing for compliance and control
    • Change Management Facility for maintaining multiple environments (Dev, Test, Prod, etc.)
    • Extensive reporting capabilities for all Instances and Templates
    • Managed File Transfer automation capabilities and FTP File Event Trigger
    • Built-in machine learning algorithms to intelligently distribute Job load across servers, minimizing slack time and reducing idle machine resources
    • Virtual Root: segmented connection points for secure, restricted environment access
    • Programmatic Interfaces/APIs: REST API, Web Services API, PowerShell Module, COM Interface, and Linux/UNIX Command Line Interfaces

Add-Ins and Extensions to Optimize and Expand

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