Secure File Transfer Automation

Automate file transfer processes and have confidence sensitive data is being shared securely with guaranteed delivery and progress visibility. 

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Managed File Transfer (MFT) Automation 

Reliable, secure, and timely file sharing is critical for facilitating optimal business processes. Ensuring the secure delivery of sensitive data, including customer or internal information, is challenging without relying on sophisticated file transfer software. 

MFT solutions create a centralized hub with dedicated security functionality to manage and monitor transfers to ensure they meet internal and customer SLAs. The managed file transfer software is one of many enterprise applications that can be used by ActiveBatch to implement enterprise-level workflow automation. This guarantees secure file transfer every time and minimizes human error.  

Centralized Managed File Transfer Solution 

Automating business-critical file transfer activities can save organizations a significant amount of time and effort, and can eliminate the stress of worry about secure delivery. IT teams may be using batch scripts and file management solutions in an attempt to streamline data exchange.

By using a workload automation platform that integrates automated file transfer processes, organizations can integrate their enterprise-level file transfer processes with other automation initiatives and workflows. ActiveBatch enables IT teams to control all workflow automation software from a centralized location. 

Build End-to-EndWorkflows 

Teams can seamlessly build end-to-end workflows with ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library. The library provides hundreds of pre-built Job Steps for common file operations.

ActiveBatch’s Super REST API adapter allows the integration of IT and business processes with MFT solutions across all the applications in your tech stack.

Enjoy automation capabilities across multiple technologies for various use cases including:

  • IT infrastructure: Build automated workflows for on-premises data centers (Windows, Unix, AS/400, IBM iSeries), and cloud-based vendors (VMware, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure) for hybrid cloud file transfer processes. 
  • Data warehousing; Integrate with SAP, Microsoft SQ: Server, Hadoop Ecosystem, Oracle Databases, Informatica, IBM, and more.  

Most Secure Managed File Transfer Software 

Numerous file transfer protocols are supported by ActiveBatch’s secure managed file transfer solution. These protocols include SFTP, or secure FTP, FTPS, web tunneling (SSL and TLS). Additionally, permissions for user access controls can be granted based on the Windows Security Model.

Secure file transfer with ActiveBatch supports Open PGP for secure automated file transfers between trading partners. The comprehensive reporting functionality and audit trails make it easier to meet compliance requirements like HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and PCI DSS. 

Automated File Transfers with ActiveBatch 

ActiveBatch’s managed file transfer solution provides advanced time/date and event-based scheduling functionality, notifications, and security features. Streamline high-volume file movement across both on premises and cloud-based file sharing.

ActiveBatch’s robust suite of triggers include FTP (file transfer protocol) event triggers to initiate workflows based on file creation or modification of any size files on any FTP server. 

Share connection and authentication information between workflows and quickly update internal records without modifying hundreds of jobs or large files.

The managed file transfer solutions offered by ActiveBatch offers integrations with DLP and LDAP technologies, adding a layer of data security and file management control. DLP is used to scan files for vulnerabilities before teams share files, while LDAP is used for access controls and user authentication.      

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