Your Success Starts With White Glove Onboarding

ActiveBatch’s dedicated Customer Success Team works with you at every stage of your engagement

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Your success starts with onboarding. From the first day of onboarding through the life of your engagement, our team works closely with you. We’ve created a full range of learning materials - training courses, an in-depth Knowledgebase and how-to videos - to supplement your calls with the Customer Success Team. 

Every phase of our onboarding process is designed to ensure that you’re building the knowledge you need to take advantage of all the features ActiveBatch has to offer. We’ve created a continuous, engaging process so that you’re always getting the most from your investment in ActiveBatch.

Get Side-By-Side Support From Your Customer Success Team

Every ActiveBatch customer is assigned a Customer Success Team. They’ll work with you during your four-week onboarding process, actively guiding you through the installation and configuration process. 

During the entire life of your ActiveBatch engagement, you’ll have access to your Customer Success Team as you build out ActiveBatch workflows tailored to your organizational needs. 

As your Customer Success Team works with you to add new configurations, you’ll also be learning how to build your own workflows. This in-person training is supplemented by ActiveBatch’s robust Knowledgebase of support articles and how-to videos, as well as the ActiveBatch Academy.

You’re Fully Onboarded In Four Weeks Or Less

ActiveBatchThe ActiveBatch onboarding process is designed to be four weeks long, but it can contract or expand depending on your organization’s needs. We clearly outline the responsibilities of your team and what our team is responsible for, so that there’s no confusion during onboarding.

Each week of the onboarding process, we work with your team on specific areas, including understanding your use cases, installing ActiveBatch prerequisites, completing your installation and then moving into the Customer Success Plan.

By the end of your onboarding, ActiveBatch will be completely installed, your team will have full access to all our training resources and there will be a prioritized set of use cases that we’ll help you build as part of your Customer Success Plan.

Our Work Together Doesn’t Stop Once Onboarding Is Done

During the last stage of your onboarding, we present you with your Customer Success Plan. This details the top two to three use cases that you’ve prioritized. Your Customer Success Team will set up calls to work with you on these configurations. 

As these are completed, you can identify additional configurations that we’ll add to the plan. Periodically during this process, we’ll also conduct a Health Check. Your Customer Success Manager assesses the maturity of your ActiveBatch configuration across four key success factors. Our team will give you specific recommendations to improve efficiency and reliability in each of these areas.

We’ve designed your Customer Success Plan to ensure that you’re getting the proactive support and product knowledge you need. As your partner, we want to ensure we’re delivering a clear and growing ROI at every stage of your engagement with us.

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