Operations Management Software for IT and Business Processes

Centralize control, automate workflows, and gain end-to-end visibility across IT and business operations with ActiveBatch Workload Automation

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Operational Efficiency Isn't Optional

Turbocharge Your Business Process Management

ActiveBatch is a no-code workflow management and automation platform that provides hundreds of prebuilt, platform-neutral integrations for seamless, end-to-end processes. 

  • Automate manual processes such as purchase orders so your team can focus on higher value projects

  • Integrate and coordinate digital solutions for ERP, supply chain, human resources, and more

  • Leverage out-of-the-box machine learning for intelligent workload and machine resource planning


The All-in-One Process Management Solution

ActiveBatch provides facilities and features that support the entire process life cycle.

  • Assemble end-to-end processes in half the time using prebuilt Job Steps, then test the logic in Simulation Mode and seamlessly deploy to production

  • Automated monitoring, alerting, and remediation helps prevent job failures, overruns, and SLA breaches

  • Users can monitor environments in real-time and access in-depth reports

  • Complete audit trails and documentation streamline process updates


IT Service Management

ActiveBatch provides a suite of capabilities that enable IT to reduce its cycle times by automating manual processes.

  • Reduce manual kick-offs with event triggers for business and IT tasks, including email, file events, FTP file triggers, data modifications, and more

  • Dynamically scale resources based on real-time demand, provisioning systems, accounts, mobile devices, and more

  • Leverage ActiveBatch's SLA management tools to ensure that SLA jobs won't overrun, underrun, or fail

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. ActiveBatch provides out-of-the-box integrations with cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Informatica, VMware, and more, simplifying the management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments via ActiveBatch. Users can leverage powerful tools such as the ActiveBatch Smart Queue and Heuristic Queue Allocation for dynamically provisioning resources across modern IT environments.

Yes. With powerful tools that promote DevOps harmony, ActiveBatch is more than just operations software. Developers can quickly build and automate end-to-end processes using prebuilt, drag-and-drop building blocks from the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library. Developers can also configure automated remediation and alerts on workflows, streamline troubleshooting, and reduce the risk of SLA breaches. Meanwhile, Check-Out | Check-In and Change Management facilities make it easy to promote new workflows to production environments without impacting daily operations.This minimizes failures and keeps SLAs in check, providing operators with peace of mind.

ActiveBatch's use cases are endless. ActiveBatch is designed to integrate with virtually any platform or tech stack, allowing users to build, monitor, and orchestrate automated processes that include data management, inventory management, manufacturing operations, business processes, and so much more. ActiveBatch can even integrate legacy operations management solutions and job schedulers, making it easy for IT to consolidate and coordinate multiple environments from one platform.

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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